Chris Cooley stated on ESPN 980 that the Washington Redskins would not be wearing their mustard looking color rush uniforms on the road against the Dallas Cowboys. “Huge news. Burgundy on burgundy. They can change. I think they can still change. But as of now, it is certainly burgundy on burgundy.”

Therefore, I started to scratch my head and wanted to get the fans perspective on the color rush deal. Overall, everyone was good with the decision to not wear the mustard looking jerseys since the Redskins were going to be wearing burgundy on burgundy. The Cowboys though will wear their color rush uniforms.

Here are a few of the fans responses to the color rush idea:

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JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington sent out a tweet about the color rush stating that the NFL wanted the team to wear them, but, the front office did not.

All that matters at the end of the day is if the Redskins win. Thursday night’s game is a must-win for the Redskins if they want to stay in the hunt for the playoffs. According to the, the Redskins are the 11th seed, right behind the Cowboys.

So, what does that mean? The Redskins need to take care of business first on Thursday. It doesn’t matter how they win but just win. Then they need help. They need the Falcons to lose to Minnesota; the Seahawks to lose to the Eagles; Lions to lose to the Ravens, and the Packers to lose to Tampa Bay. Like many others have stated, the NFC South still has to play each other numerous times so if the Redskins win out and finish 10-6, they could be in the playoffs but they must win the games in front of them first. It starts on Thursday against Dallas… win and you’re still alive, lose and the chances for the playoffs are gone.

Score prediction:
Washington 20, Dallas 14

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