The Good (36.7)

That’s the question of the week. Should I go get Josh Gordon and use up a valuable roster spot in my push for the playoffs? Almost everyone reading this will have heard of Gordon. The massively talented if hugely troubled Cleveland Browns wide receiver. The man is capable of amazing things when he’s on the field. Gordon, who in one four-game stretch in 2013 averaged 14 targets, 9 receptions, 1.25 touchdowns, and 36.7 PPR fantasy points per game! During that stretch he had 774 yards receiving or 193.5 yards a game. For perspective, that year there were only 10 games where any player had that many yards catching the ball (Including two by Gordon himself).  This year that mark has only been reached three times. It’s hard to ignore numbers like that. Should you take a flyer at this guy? The answer is really simple. It depends.

The Bad (10.86)

Fantasy football is like the NFL. It’s all about making the playoffs. Ask this question. “Do I need Gordon to make the playoffs?” If you are comfortably in the playoffs and/or have a solid core of wideouts then I’d say no. You didn’t get to that position by trying to grab every waiver wire darling that pops up on your screen. This is not the first experience we’ve had with Gordon coming back from suspension. He did it for five games in 2014. How did he do? Well, he was a little rusty. Rust is a real thing, he was targeted 47 times. He had 24 catches for 303 yards and zero touchdowns. He averaged 10.86 fantasy points a game. Keep in mind that he had guys named Hoyer and Manziel throwing him the football.

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The Maybe (17)  (19.6)

If you’re on the fence in your quest for the fantasy postseason then pick him up! Yes, he only scored 54 fantasy points last time he returned from suspension but 34 of those points were in his first two games back. Fresh legs are a real thing just like rust is real. That’s a 17 Point per game output. That could win you a game. That could get into the playoffs. DeShone Kizer is the quarterback and has been playing better. He has been in the top half of the league in fantasy point three of the last four games averaging 19.6 points a game. He’s done it against defenses that are tough on quarterbacks too. Minnesota (10th), Jacksonville (1st), and Cincinnati (12th) are all on that list. With Kizer distributing Gordon could give you the push you need to make and win in your playoff hunt. The numbers you need are out there. You got to fight for each one.

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