Redskins fall short…again

The Eagles had a chance to clinch the NFC East last night with a Redskins win over the Cowboys. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The Redskins just didn’t show up and Washington’s chances of making the playoffs are looking slimmer and slimmer.

Washington has not done the Eagles any favors lately. The Redskins lost some key games to opponents the Eagles needed them to beat. As a result of these key losses, the Redskins season looks to basically be over. It also makes the Eagles path to home-field advantage in the playoffs a bit harder. The Skins lost to both the Saints and Vikings, two games which they could have won.

Eagles can handle their own business

This means the Eagles can win the NFC East this week with a win against the Seattle Seahawks. They can also tie. If the Eagles do manage to come away with a victory out of Seattle, the Birds would be the first team to clinch their division and a spot to the playoffs. A division title for the Eagles this year would be the first one since 2013, when Chip Kelly was the coach.

What if the Eagles lose this week?

If the Eagles find themselves losing this week, the same procedures will apply for next week and the rest of the season. The Eagles have a four-game lead on the Cowboys after the Boys 38-14 over the Skins.

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The chances of the Eagles not winning the NFC Division are really slim. The only way the can lose the NFC East is if that dreaded team in Dallas wins out and the Eagles find a way to lose out. There is really nothing to fret about Eagles fans.

Vegas messed up

To begin the year Vegas had the Eagles only seven-to-two favorites to win the NFC East. The Cowboys (5-4) and the Giants (11-4) were ahead of the Eagles. Whoever took the odds on the Eagles at the beginning of the year won some money. Vegas also only had the Eagles slated to win eight wins but they passed that in week 11.

The Eagles started at 60-1 favorites to start the year but have climbed their way to 9-2. Those odds are the third highest in the NFL.

Odds making is always hard and they can’t predict injuries. Not many people outside of Philly thought Wentz was going to emerge into this much of a star already. There were also many doubts about head coach Doug Pederson to start the year but there shouldn’t be anymore now.

NFC East Division Winner Tidbits

If the Eagles win the NFC East this year, it would continue the trend of the NFC East not having a repeat winner. The last time there was a repeat winner in the NFC East was the Eagles in 2004. That was their fourth consecutive division title back then.

The last NFC East winner to win the Superbowl was the New York Giants in 2011. The Giants have been really the only NFC East team to have any luck in the 21st century in holding the Lombardi.



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