Is there a rewind button? Is there a do-over button? Don’t see one. Just like the Redskins playoff hopes… Don’t see one. What an outlandish performance put on by the Redskins in what was the biggest game of their season to date. It was simple; win and you’re still alive or lose and you’re season is practically over.

Well, the Redskins lost.

Washington just didn’t lose, they got beat down like a kid on a playground by a bully that has been stealing lunch money for the past two years. After all that’s what the Cowboys are to the Redskins… the bully. Washington’s last win over Dallas came in 2015 and since then the Redskins have lost four straight and are an atrocious 6-20 in their last 26 games against Dallas. To make things worse, the Redskins have only two winning seasons and have nine losing seasons since 2000.

This game had meaning. It had potential. And for once it seemed like a majority of Redskins fans were ready and willing to move past some of the things that have happened earlier in the year but not after Thursday Night’s performance.

So, who is to blame for the loss? Majority of people say the coaching staff, in particular Jay Gruden. Others have called for new trainers. Surprisingly no one called for Kirk Cousins job. How about we put blame where it needs to be for once… receivers and special teams.

Jamison Crowder was going on what seemed to be sland rout and the ball just went through his hands like a wet bar of soap and found a Dallas defender graciously waiting for the early Christmas present. The very next opportunity for Crowder to redeem himself came on a punt return but again, he could not hold the ball and a turnover insued. Believe that was two turnovers within five minutes of each other.

There was extreme frustration shown by Gruden when he was asked about Crowder continuing to be the punt returner. “We don’t have anyone to put back there. Maurice Harris is in concussion protocol and I don’t have anyone to return a punt.”

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Cousins also was upset after the tough loss but was not putting blame on anyone. “We had a nice drive down the field the second drive, just a tough turnover, and then it was one thing after another that were just mistakes. They happen, and we have to correct them.”

Cousins found himself yet again having himself a good game throwing for two touchdowns and going 26-of-37 for 251 yards. But does this loss cost him $10-$20 million dollars? Steve Smith sure thought so.

Then there is poetic justice. The last time Alfred Morris ran for 100-yards in a game was when he was with the Redskins two years ago against none other than the Cowboys. That all changed on Thursday night when Morris ran for 127 yards on 27 carries with a game clinching late touchdown. Once a hero for the Skins’, he’s now become the villain, but should he be to blame for leaving the organization when they did not want him? Don’t think so.

The remainder of the Redskins schedule seemed to be in their favor but after the disheartening loss to Dallas, the L.A. Chargers game looks to be tough, especially right now. It will be the second time the Redskins have traveled to L.A. this season as they walked away with a win against the Rams in Week 2.


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