Game Start: 12/3/17 @ 1:00pm

Patriots Record: 9-2

Bills Record: 6-5

Vegas Spread/OU: Patriots -9, Total 48.5

I would be lying if I said I truly believe the Buffalo Bills have a chance to win this one.  I just don’t see it happening. However, with that being said, I also don’t necessarily believe the Patriots blow them out.  Sure, the past couple of games have been cakewalks for New England but that does not mean they can just trample over any team, at any time, in any place.

The Buffalo Bills are still well within the playoff hunt.  So I expect them to play the Patriots hard, very hard.  As if that is not what they normally do…

My prediction: Patriots 24, Bills 17

3 Keys to a Patriots Win

Rob Gronkowski:

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In Gronk’s previous six meetings with the Bills, he has caught 35 passes, approaching near 600 receiving yards, and plugged in seven scores (averaged out: 5.8 catches, 97+ yards, 1.2 touchdowns per game).  Getting him going early, and often, is a huge key to this game.  He has done it in the past, so why not go ahead and do it again.

Containment of Tyrod Taylor:

Tyrod Taylor is mobile, that is for sure.  Now, from the naked eye, the Patriots have had a bit of trouble with quarterbacks being quick on their feet this year. We saw that in particular with DeShaun Watson and Cam Newton. If the Patriots can’t keep Taylor in check, it’ll open up a completely different aspect of the game.  If they succeed and keep him contained, they’ll be able to handle the Bills’ offense like any other.

Momentum, Momentum, Momentum:

It seems the Bills, and their fanbase, strive on the hype that surrounds the team. If the Bills control the momentum of the game, the Patriots are in trouble.  Think back to the game against the Jets. New York had all the momentum in the world, but the Patriots dug down and took it back, luckily. I would strongly advise that the Patriots avoid letting New Era Field rock n’ roll with excitement.


-Evan Singleton is a Managing Editor and Staff Writer for Full Press Coverage Sports Media.

Twitter: @EvGuyBoston 

(Photo via Pats Pulpit)

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