As Jack Del Rio leads the Oakland Raiders onto the field tomorrow, his opposing coach should interest many. For all of his inept handling of this team, Ben McAdoo cuts an interesting figure in this game. Several questions arise from the chaotic nature of the Raiders’ opponent.

Dead Man Walking
Without a doubt, Ben McAdoo should lose his job at the end of 2017. Although injuries hampered this team, New York did not start the year injured. During the first five games, the Giants lost three games by a touchdown or less. With the team located in the largest American media market, their fanbase wants heads to roll. General Manager Jerry Reese will not fire himself. As a result, he will serve McAdoo up.
Therefore, look for McAdoo to apply a stamp and mail it in. There is no way that he returns or sniffs another head coaching job for the next half-decade or so. If the Raiders want to end the game early, start fast, play with pace. At this point, the Giant players know their coach will not return. Are we relying on professional pride? Teams in similar position show a tendency to fold.

Awful Week’
For the Raiders, the Giants present an excellent opportunity to reach .500. The lame duck head coach benched the best passer in franchise history. As a result, national and local media took turn s roasting McAdoo’s decision. If you step back and look at the heat Jack Del Rio faces, magnify that by twenty and you have Ben McAdoo, right now.

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All of this McAdoo misery helps one person more than anyone: Jack Del Rio. Instead of fielding questions about nagging team issues and double talk, the Raiders coach flies under the radar. No one wants to hear Del Rio say much. With the intense focus on McAdoo, all the Raiders need to do is show, win, and move along. No amount of “mojo” or foolishness will fall from Del Rio’s mouth. This is one of the few weeks where no one actually cares what he says. In essence, McAdoo’s buffoonery provides shielding for any Raiders-related decision. If the Raiders win this game handily, no one will remember any Del Rio postgame. Because of his own actions, the attention falls on the Giants.

If the Raiders lose this game, the amount of venom towards this franchise increases. Facing a team that gave up weeks ago and losing will force Reggie McKenzie to make rather difficult decisions. In contrast, no one is saying that Del Rio gets fired, but the chorus of RaiderNation will grow louder. Cutting Todd Downing loose next week will not satisfy anyone. Granted, all the Raiders need to do is show up, execute and put the game away early. Any cute playcalling needs to stay away. No excuse exists for not winning. The Oakland Raiders must emerge victorious.

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