Former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask blazed a trail that current executives still travel down, searching for success. During her years with the Raiders, she smashed barriers and demolished stereotypes. Yesterday, once again, Ms. Trask forever endeared herself to RaiderNation. While commenting on CBS, she said the following:

Executive Loyalty
Whenever you turn on the television, any number of former team executives sits behind a desk, discussing league matter. Suddenly a disturbing graphic pops up. Their quick resume appears on screen. If you look carefully, you will see that they help the same job in different organization. As a result, some bounce from team to team over a short span of time. However, Trask worked her entire career for the Raiders. In an era where fans complain about player loyalty, executive slide from franchise to franchise. Now, if they receive promotions, that is one thing, but lateral moves after 5 years screams cash grab.

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Trask approaches criticism of her former team with professionalism and candor. For nearly three decades, she served as the right hand to Al Davis. By her own admission, Davis was not always the easiest person to work for. Yet, no trace of bitterness or anger finds its way to her. Through her words, tweets, and book “Negotiate Like A Girl”, Trask brings the light of objectivity through a sea of bias. When many former execs turn to media, they seek a return to any franchise. Amy Trask chooses to discuss the game she loves. Ratings for pregame shows continue to fall. Yet, Trask makes her appearances and social media presence must-watch events.

For every  commentator like Trask, several homers exist. These clowns infect the airwaves with nothing but subjective nonsense. Anyone with working vision can tell if the team performs well or not. One of the biggest problems facing RaiderNation is the dearth of quality analysis. Media needs to pose the difficult questions. Fans deserve better. However, some of these media types either have direct ties to the team or are afraid of losing access. In other words, they care more about their jobs than being honest. There remains no need to single any out. If you consume any Raiders related product, these individuals identify themselves.

Raiders football, as discussed on TV, is better for having Amy Trask. When the team excels, she accurately discusses why. On the other hand, failures command the same assessment. The Oakland Raiders and its vast fanbase have an advantage that most other NFL teams lack. Every Sunday, a respected member of the Raiders family, in front of a national audience, receives analysis. Once a Raider, always a Raider.

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