The Dallas Cowboys selected Kavon Frazier with the 212th overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft. At first glance, it appeared as though Dallas would be getting a hard hitting, in the box safety out of Central Michigan to help bolster a beleaguered secondary. However, what very few anticipated was the outstanding man Frazier was, and is, off the field.

Backtracking a bit, Frazier’s rookie season on the field was a bit of an afterthought. He played in nine games while totaling six tackles. However, his most notable achievement would be forming the Frazier Cares Foundation. The foundation aims to help single-parent households and at-risk youth. After being raised by a single mother, it is not hard to tell how much this foundation means to Kavon. Here is an excerpt from the foundation’s website.

Frazier Cares Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Dallas Cowboys’ safety, Kavon Frazier. The Foundation’s main purpose is to provide a helping hand to both parents and children by hosting events and programs that focus on assisting the youth reach their full potential both in sports and life.
The Frazier Cares Foundations is geared towards helping youth of all ages and backgrounds with focus on community support and foundation hosted events that include the Frazier Cares Elite Football Camp.

Fast forward to 2017 and not only has Frazier’s foundation taken off, but his play on the field has as well.

Off The Field 

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With Frazier’s dedication to the community and his foundation quite evident, it should come as no surprise to Cowboys Nation to see that same dedication on the football field. Frazier has made the most of his opportunities this season, first as a special teams ace, and now more recently a bone-crushing safety on defense.

On the field 

The Cowboys are still trying to piece together a young secondary. While the final puzzle has yet to be completed, it is hard to imagine a finished product without Kavon Frazier somewhere in the mix. So next time you jump off your couch to chastized #35 for a possible missed tackle or assignment, remember all of the single parents and children he has helped. Then realize how silly you sound.

Frazier said all he needed was a chance, and so far he is making the most of it.

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