Disarray is what the Chiefs have come down to following their six loss in their last seven games. The Jets were able to out battle the Chiefs in a 38-31 final. With this loss, and the Chargers and Raiders both winning in Week 13, the Chiefs division lead evaporated. All three teams are now in a three way tie for first sitting at 6-6. This loss further dwindles the Chiefs opportunity in the playoffs.

Offensive Resurgence

In the early moments of the game, the Chiefs offense and Alex Smith had hit a spark that they had been looking for three weeks. It took just five plays on the first drive and the Chiefs were already in the end zone. The next drive was short and sweet as well, as the Chiefs took advantage of good field position and found their way into the end zone again. Both drives resulted in passing touchdowns to Travis Kelce, who was shut down the previous week by the Buffalo Bills. The offense overall had a much needed game that showed improvement. Tyreek Hill had multiple catches on deep routes, and the offense did not have to face as many third downs as the previous week. But, the offense did not get as many opportunities despite scoring thirty-one points.

No Match For Jet Fuel

The defense played well against Buffalo, keeping the Chiefs in the game until the end. Against the Jets though, the Chiefs defense was unable to make stops in crucial, situational plays. Obviously, the biggest key to the Jets success was their ability to convert on third downs. Whether, it was slants, quarterback Josh McCown using his legs, or short yardage run plays, the Jets were able to find ways to convert.

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The Jets were able to convert on thirteen of twenty third down attempts, which is a stupefied sixty-five percent. With those results on third down, the Jets were able to hold an advantage in time of possession. The Jets held the ball in their grasp for nearly forty-three minutes of the game, leaving the Chiefs defense frustrated and assuredly tired to where they were unable to make necessary plays. It is a taste of something new to see the Chiefs defense not able to make plays that they had previously made in the Bob Sutton era.

Who Will Win the AFC West?

Come December in the NFL, it is all about what team is hot and playing their best football. The Chargers have overcome a 0-4 start, and have now won six of the last eight. The Chargers are playing better than anyone right now in the AFC West, and it’s not even close. Their defense is relentless and suffocating. They can beat you in any way offensively. Although Philip Rivers is now in his fourteenth season in the NFL, he is arguably playing the best football of his career. That doesn’t mean the Chiefs are done though. They have always played against the Chargers in the last five seasons, and the Chargers still come to Arrowhead Stadium in two weeks. That matchup will be interesting to see how both teams fare.  However, the Chiefs must get through the Raiders next week.



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