How will the team respond during the week?

This may be the biggest question going into this game. Let’s face it, the Eagles are not accustomed to losing. This is only their second loss and it has been 10 weeks since their last. They need to come out against the Rams firing on all cylinders and really make a statement. That begins with their coaching and if they can prepare them for this challenge.

Will staying on the West Coast for a week have an effect?

I can only assume that players get into a routine throughout the week. So with the Eagles not returning home and staying on the west coast, will it break their routine and affect how they practice? It definitely is the better decision to stay out there, as the effect on the players flying back and forth would be worse. Again this falls back on their coach and the preparation they put into this very abnormal week of practice.

Is Zach Ertz going to be ready to go?

Ertz left the game late in the third quarter with a concussion and didn’t return. Now we will all be watching how he does throughout the week and if he will be ready to go. If he can not go this week it will be a huge loss for the offense. Ertz is one of Wentz’s favorite targets with 57 receptions, seven of which were touchdowns, for 660 yards. Look for Alshon Jeffery and Trey Burton to get more targets in Ertz is inactive.

Will the Eagles take more chances down the field early?

In the first half of the game against Seattle, the Eagle’s play calling was pretty conservative. The only notable shot that they took was on the opening drive to Nelson Agholor which Wentz overthrew. In the second half, particularly on their only touchdown drive of the night, they went deep twice. Granted, one was an outstanding play by Wentz to get rid of that ball while being tackled. The Eagles seem to be more comfortable when they can take shots down the field.

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Can the Eagles return to the team we have come to expect?

To say the least, a lot of Philly fans were disappointed after the game on Sunday. The team which we have watched win for nine weeks straight fell flat. The offense which was consistently blowing teams out, outscoring a league-high 31 points per game, was held to just 10. Where was the defense that shut teams down with the front seven that was unstoppable? Granted, Russel Wilson is a special player but they have the talent to control him but had poor execution. The play calling and decisions from the sideline and upstairs seemed uncharacteristically indecisive for what we were used to. Will the entire organization put the game behind them and return to the team of weeks past? We shall see this Sunday against another very good team.

Wentz vs Goff, an offensive showdown?

Ah yes. The 2016 first and second pick showdown, the future of two organizations. The first time these two young players face off. This game will put some material behind the whole Goff or Wentz conversation. Who’s better, who has a brighter future? Well, both young quarterbacks have led their teams to projected playoff births and have them sitting atop their divisions. This season Goff has about 100 more passing yards then Wentz but Wentz has nine more touchdowns. Both the quarterbacks have thrown six interceptions. Both the Eagles and Rams have a formidable defense so I do not see a high scoring affair. Which means that these two will have to make every play count.

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