Taking a look at the Jets 2017 season, it’s truly hard to put it all in perspective. While yes, the team has exceeded expectations tremendously, they have also given fans flashes of false hope. Falling short in a number of close games, making silly mistakes, and utilizing some questionable play calling is just a start to explaining the Jets’ 2017. It’s quite clear that many who dedicate themselves to this team have a love-hate relationship with them, and rightfully so.

That being said, loyalty is exceedingly evident. Whether from the fans or media, the people involved with this team stand by and remain prideful each and every week.

Our Jets team here at Full Press Coverage is made up of those people. We watch this team suffer through lows, and soar through highs. We also stay focused on the surrounding environment. As much as we cover the Jets, we also cover all 31 other NFL teams. Each and every team is connected in some way or another, and observations can always be reverted back to the home base that is “Gang Green.”

In the midst of all of that, opinions will always be varying. Our team sat down to discuss all sorts of controversial topics in our Week 14 Round Table.

Featured Contributors:

Kyle Hirshkind

Brad Keith

Cooper Weissbard

James Cunningham

Adam Melendez

Sean Walsh

Q: The Jets bounced back in a big way with a Week 13 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Would you say that the Chiefs lost this game, or that the Jets won it? Who would you name as your Player of the Game?

Brad Keith: Anytime a team wins, they won. Pretty simple. The Jets put up more points than the Chiefs. Neither defense was any good but they’ll take the ‘W’ and move on. Interesting note: Jets’ time of possession was 42:49. Chiefs’ time of possession was 17:11. Very telling.

James Cunningham: I would say that the Chiefs lost it. This could go both ways, because the Jets played very well. However, with getting no pass rush against a below average offensive line, and allowing eight plays near the goal line leading up to the game winning touchdown, the Chiefs put this one on themselves.

Kyle Hirshkind: The Chiefs lost this one. Alex Smith was firing on all cylinders, making for big days for Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. But ultimately, they pulled a move that the Jets usually do. Late in the game, they collapsed under their silly mistakes, allowing the Jets to take over. It was all but over when Marcus Peters was seen throwing a penalty flag into the stands. Their season breakdown is getting to them, and they are losing winnable games due to that. My Player of the Game has to be Josh McCown. He played calm, cool and collect all day while leading the Jets offense to an outstanding 38 points.

Cooper Weissbard: After starting the game on fire with two quick touchdowns to Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs lost a game where they should’ve won. Even after the Jets almost fell short, I got to give them some credit. They won a really hard fought game. The Jets had big help from Jermaine Kearse. Without him having a big day, I don’t know if they would’ve played well enough to overcome that deficit and the momentum totally against them. Kearse, who was received for Sheldon Richardson early this year, totally broke out with nine catches for 157 receiving yards. He had two 40+ catches and his highlight of the game was when he caught a pass one handed on fourth down. He is the player of the game.

Adam Melendez: The answer here can go either way. The Chiefs are on pace for one of the biggest collapses in recent memory, going along with the Vikings and Falcons who, a few years ago, started strong then limped to the finish. However, I think discrediting the Jets would be wrong. This young roster has proven that they want to win and that they are willing to work hard. The Jets earned that victory, and Josh McCown was definitely the Player of the Game.

Sean Walsh: The Jets played a complete 55 miniutes after going down 14-0.  They were clinical, so with that I’d say the Jets won the game rather than KC losing it. 488 total yards of offense with 13-20 on first down conversions was the big reason the Green and White got the dub. Kearse and Anderson combining for 264yds rec on 17 catches between them (Kearse 9-157 and Robbie 8-107). Chandler Catanzaro also was excellent keeping the Jets in the game in the 2nd quarter before the offense started firing, making 3- 3 FGs from 27, 47 & 38 making him my player of the game.

Q: Broncos up next for Gang Green. Score predictions and Player of the Game?

Brad Keith: Score prediction: Jets 24 – Broncos 10. Denver hasn’t been playing very good football. I think the Jets defense picks up a few turnovers (Siemian threw 3 interceptions last week), and they capitalize on short field situations. May be an ugly game to watch, but I think the Jets get the job done. POTG: Jamal Adams. Look for him to grab his 1st and 2nd career interceptions.

James Cunningham: My score prediction is 17-10, Jets come out on top. This will be a defensive battle; I don’t believe any offensive players will stand out. Jamal Adams comes down with Player of the Game, catching his first career interception against the turnover prone Broncos quarterback group.

Kyle Hirshkind: Games like this should make Jets fans nervous. It’s an easy win on paper, especially with the way that the Broncos have been playing, but the Jets always seem to find a way to make it closer than it needs to be. In retrospect, I think the Jets will win, but it will be tight. Score prediciton: 21-17. Depending on who Aqib Talib is covering, one of the Jets main receivers will be the Player of the Game. My money goes on Kearse.

Cooper Weissbard: With week 13 in the books, the New York Jets now gets a matchup against the Denver Broncos. I think the Jets will beat the Broncos 24-17 and every Jets fan out there will be chanting J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS throughout the streets. With a win, the player of the game will be Austin Seferian-Jenkins. The Broncos have struggled against opposing tight ends this season. This will lead to ASJ having a good day. My stat prediction for him is eight catches for 74 yards and two touchdowns. I also expect the Jets receivers to have a quiet game.

Adam Melendez: The Broncos have been struggling to put up points. The Jets defense is young, but they are fierce. Leonard Williams and Muhammad Wilkerson will put a lot of pressure on Trevor Siemian, or whoever the Broncos decide to start. It will not be a blowout, but it will also not be a close game. Final score: 24-7. Expect a two game winning streak to light a fire in the Jets going forward.

Sean Walsh: Heading into Denver the Jets are looking to get only our second road win of 2017, so I’d expect the Jets to win 31-7 in a blowout. I have a feeling Leonard Williams will have a multiple sack game and will really put pressure on their under-performing and weakening O-Line.

Q: 2017 is nearing it’s close – and the Jets shot at the playoffs is all but done. Looking forward to 2018, what excites you the most? How far away are the Jets from being a true playoff contender?

Brad Keith: The 2018 season should be a playoff year for the Jets. After securing a future quarterback, shoring up the offensive line and adding a cornerback, the Jets should be primed to finish high in the AFC. The excitement is all about the young talent on defense, winning field possession games and seeing what Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Robby Anderson, and Quincy Enunwa will do when all are healthy and sharing targets. Scary!

James Cunningham: The thing I look forward to in 2018 is to see this offense fill it’s potential. With a rebuilt offensive line and a new quarterback, the sky will be the limit for the Jets offense. Keep in mind, the Jets have Enunwa coming back next year, so whether it be a rookie or a free agent signing, a new quarterback will have plenty of options.

Kyle Hirshkind: The Jets are a playoff contender in 2018, mark my words. The offense will be more refined, the defense will be exceptional, and the coaching staff will remain strong-minded. I look forward to that the most, a dominant, winning-cultured team. Take a deep breath, Jets Nation.

Cooper Weissbard: With the Jets season coming to close, I’m getting very excited for the offseason. The main part of the offseason I’m excited for is the 2018 NFL Draft. This will be a really good draft class and the Jets will have a chance to draft a future quarterback or they can also upgrade other positions. They have a lot of options they can use their early to mid first round pick on. Although I’m excited for the draft, I’m getting my hopes up for free agency. The Jets can upgrade some positions in free agency. The two main parts to upgrade in free agency are the offensive line, which has been an up and down this season for them, and their secondary, mainly cornerback. The Jets have young players to build around on both defense and offense, players like Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, Leonard Williams and Robby Anderson. If they can sign and draft well though the next couple of offseasons and their potentially good players pan out, then we’re looking at a true playoff contender.

Adam Melendez: 2017 has been a strange year all around the league. The Jets making the playoffs would just be the icing on the cake. Take away the fourth quarter, and Gang Green is a 9-3 team. Of course, a young squad has to learn to finish. While it is a long shot, the Jets can definitely make the playoffs. It will take a ton of help around the AFC, but stranger things have happened. I think, even if the Jets don’t make it to the playoffs, that 2018 will be a great year. A few key positions fixed in the draft, the return of Quincy Enunwa, and the possibility of McCown rejoining to help mentor our young quarterbacks all point to a positive future.

Sean Walsh: How the team has built a strong culture of togetherness in 2017 and another year of pro football will be great for these guys in the long run. With more than 100 million in cap space and some good draft picks, the Jets are only a few more good players away from seriously contending for January football.

Q: A lot of rumors, thoughts and opinions about the Jets taking a QB in the First Round of the upcoming Draft. If you were GM Mike Maccagnan, who are you taking? That being said, what’s your prediction of the Jets’ 2018 draft spot?

Brad Keith: Very hard to say who the Jets will select until the combine. People believe the scouting event is over rated but those in the know understand what you want to see. Body mass of an athlete, hand size, release, footwork – all things you prefer to scout from a few feet away, not video. My gut is obviously thinking quarterback and I’ll go with Sam Darnold. Love his release, size, and arm strength. His season at USC has not gone as well as expected but I think he makes up ground in the off season and the talent prevails.

James Cunningham: I believe the Jets will target Baker Mayfield. If Mayfield falls off the board, they will not target any quarterbacks and select cornerback Denzel Ward out of Ohio State. This front office typically likes no risk, high reward players when it comes down to drafting offensive players. I find none of the other quarterbacks fit that category. The Jets will finish 6-10 and will have the 9th overall pick in 2018.

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Kyle Hirshkind: I think quarterback makes the most sense for the Jets. While McCown is shining this year, he is a 15-year veteran and is no long-term answer. Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg don’t seem of interest to the organization or the players, so I think it’s time the Jets look elsewhere. While yes, some solid quarterbacks will be available in Free Agency, there are known risks that come with all of them. From what I’ve seen in recent history, the most successful teams develop a drafted quarterback and slowly thrust him into the spotlight. The Jets will need to take a gamble and quit playing it safe. My hope is that they take Baker Mayfield as he seems to be the best fit for the Jets offense. His ability to move in the pocket and throw the deep ball would compliment well with emerging wide receiver Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa. I see the Jets landing the 8th overall pick in the Draft, and moving up to get Mayfield if necessary.

Cooper Weissbard: Two questions every fan of a team wants a crystal ball to see. But for the Jets, I predict them to get the 8th pick and draft running back Saquon Barkley. Even though a lot of Jets fans want them to draft a quarterback, it’s just too obvious that Barkley is a rare talent who can run, catch and returns kick offs. Despite his numbers not standing out, he is still the best player in the draft. Barkley would slide into the Jets offense to become the workhorse back for them. If he is there, the Jets need to draft him because he’s going to be special. If he isn’t there at eight, then I think the Jets should draft soon-to-be Heisman winner Baker Mayfield, who is having an outstanding year at Oklahoma. To be an NFL talent and not the next Johnny Manziel , he’ll have to fix his off the field issues. If the Jets pick either one of these players, I’ll be a happy person but Saquon is my first choice.

Adam Melendez: The draft class for quarterbacks is littered with possible franchise players. Character concerns are beginning to arise for Baker Mayfield, who was a personal favorite for me on who the Jets take. I am not sold on Sam Darnold. He is far too inconsistent and could benefit from another year in college. Ideally, the Jets would finish with the 32nd pick in the draft. Realistically, they may end up somewhere between the 10-15 range. The Jets need help defensively, but with Matt Forte at 31 and Bilal Powell at 29, the Jets could benefit from a young running back. Enter, Saquon Barkley. The running back out of Penn State was a Heisman favorite for most of the year. He has quite the resume of awards, is a humble player, and has proven to be the most complete back the league has seen in years. Running back, receiver, special teams – Barkley will do it all. If available, the Jets should grab Barkley. He is certainly the safest pick.

Sean Walsh: Great question, and one that I haven’t had a real deep close look in, but I think it will for sure be a quarterback that the Jets take in the draft. Currently, the Jets hold the 11th pick and I think Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State would be a good choice in a pro style offense. He would also be great with Kearse, Anderson and Enunwa in his disposal.

Q: Who would’ve guessed that the Giants would be tanking more so than the Jets this year? Eli benched, GM and HC fired – how would you fix the Giants?

Brad Keith: The Giants are a mess. I strip it down and start over. Need to find those committed to the game and not individual accolades. Don’t think many of their players have much trade value outside of Janoris Jenkins.

James Cunningham: Stick with Eli for this year, clean house in the coaching staff (which they have already begun doing), select a QB in this draft and adjust the offensive scheme so that the young quarterback can work. I would also be drafting offensive lineman in the later rounds of the draft, as well as signing a few in free agency.

Kyle Hirshkind: It’s odd to see a winning organization witness such a quick downfall. Most had high hopes for the Giants this year, and it’s impractical that things didn’t go according to plan. In my opinion, they have one more year before they need to completely clean house. They have some win-now pieces there in Odell Beckham Jr., Janoris Jenkins, and so on. Make the most of them while you can by either signing a quarterback to a one year deal in Free Agency or drafting your future guy. Again, if next year presents similar failure, I see the Giants blowing it all up and starting from scratch.

Cooper Weissbard: If I was running the Giants organization, I have a six step plan to fix them. First, fix the relationship between the fans and the Giants organization over the benching of Eli Manning. Second, hire a coach who has previous experience, or who has been around a good head coach. I would consider Josh McDaniels as a solid fit. Third, draft a future quarterback. Fourth, rebuild the offensive line. It’s been a problem for years now. Fifth, pay Odell Beckham Jr (simple). Sixth, sign some linebackers, corners and a receiver to take pressure off of Beckham Jr.

Adam Melendez: As weird as it may sound, the Giants need to take a page from their friendly neighbors, the Jets. Clean house and rebuild through youth. Odell Beckham Jr. is too great of a player to waste. A young wide receiver core (with the exception of Brandon Marshall) is already a huge head start. Trade aging players who still have talent and value. Use draft picks to build towards a winning future. I see the Giants drafting Lamar Jackson and redshirting him. Trade or release Eli Manning and allow him to go to a team that won’t bench him and ruin his streak. I heard Jacksonville is one quarterback away from a deep playoff run.

Sean Walsh: Not starting Geno, that’s for sure!

Q: With the playoff picture rounding out in the final weeks – who are your picks for the Superbowl? Who wins? MVP?

Brad Keith: “Playoffs? We’re talking about playoffs?!” -Jim Mora. Put me down for Philadelphia and New England. Hard to see it any other way. Don’t think Minnesota has enough. The Keemun magic will run out, although I hope to be wrong. Philly beats New England and Carson Wentz takes his place as a true generational quarterback.

James Cunningham: My prediction for the Super Bowl is Patriots vs. Saints. This will be another thrilling Championship Sunday, but the Patriots will repeat as Super Bowl champs with a 34-27 victory. Tom Brady will win yet another Super Bowl MVP, throwing for 300+ yards and three touchdowns.

Kyle Hirshkind: The playoffs will be here before we know it, and while a handful of teams are poised for a potential run, there’s only a few I think can potentially do it. Earlier in the year, my predicition for the Super Bowl was Seattle vs. New England, and I’ll stay by it. The AFC seems to run through New England. No other team has impressed as much as them as Pittsburgh has shown some serious flaws. The NFC is a different beast. The Eagles, Rams, Vikings, Saints, and Seahawks are all vying for a spot. The Seahawks have a history of making the most of their playoff games, and I see them continuing that trend as many of the other teams are lacking that experience. Super Bowl winner? Seattle. They get revenge on the Patriots and win by a score. Russell Wilson rightfully wins the MVP Award.

Cooper Weissbard: The playoffs will be here soon. There’s going to be favorites to win the AFC and the NFC, but I think the favorite to win the AFC Championship is the Pittsburgh Steelers. My favorite to win the NFC championship is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have a roster with great players all around and the Steelers have Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, Le’veon Bell and a good defense. My Super Bowl pick is the Steelers, simply because Roethlisberger is better than Case Keenum. My MVP of the NFL season is Russell Wilson. Everyone talks about the Legion of Boom and that the whole defense is the most important part to the Seahawks, but it’s not them. It’s Wilson. Without Russell, Seattle‘s season would be done. He is the one of the most underrated players in the NFL.

Adam Melendez: No one expected the Eagles to rebuild so fast. They nearly sold the farm to move up and draft Carson Wentz, and boy has it paid off. The NFC is a stacked conference, but in Wentz’s first playoff appearance, I think he has it in him to rally the troops and lead them to the Super Bowl. On the AFC side, it seems things are lining up for the Patriots yet again. There seem to be few teams that can stop them, but I’m putting my eggs in the Steelers basket. After that terrible game against the Jaguars, the Steelers got whipped into shape. I expect the Patriots to be upset in the playoffs by a lower ranked seed, while the Steelers will go on to set up a Super Bowl for the ultimate bragging rights. Philadelphia Eagles against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It will be quite the battle, but I think Pittsburgh gets the win and Big Ben goes out on top. Who else would win the MVP but Antonio Brown? He is the offense this year. There is no stopping him, and so long as he is healthy, the Steelers control their own fate.

Sean Walsh: Steelers vs Vikings Super Bowl with Pittsburgh winning. My MVP for the year would have to be Carson Wentz.

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