Opinion: Raiders Cause Joy, Stress, and Anxiety

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr
(cred. USA Today Sports)

Tied for first place. Now, that’s something I wouldn’t have imagined with the look of this season. I am a loyal  Raiders fan. Even after wins, pessimism forces questioning the plays, and especially the coaching staff. As a result, which member of RaiderNation has not screamed, “Fire Downing”, “Fire JDR” this season, or at the very least pondered it. Del rio fired Norton. Many fans hold on to the Musgrave firing.

Honestly, the Raiders playcalling resembles low grade high school football team after a night of partying. Multiple fumbles, overthrows, looking sloppy and unorganized does not engender confidence. Now, maybe it is just me, Carr has seemed off quite this season. With that said, what is the reason? Carr or the coaching? Let us be real, we have witnessed this man throw as if his arm was blessed by the High and Mighty Himself. Yet, now he occasionally struggles, something seems off in those grey eyes of his. In 2016, Carr carried himself with confidence.

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In reality. can Oakland make the playoffs with this team? Should they  be playoff contenders? The gut wrenching truth? No. However, they are tied for first. Its not because this team plays exceptionally, because if that was a reality, the fiasco in Mexico City would not have happened. Sunday, the Raiders defeated the NY Giants 24-17 by one score. I was ecstatic. Be that as it may, the Giants sit at 2-10. Is it blind hope/faith that some of wish for the playoffs while many other fans are taking a more “realistic” approach? I cannot accept that I am the only one in excruciating pain while watching this coaching staff make dire mistakes. At best our team is, how shall I put this, mediocre. I know, I know… I can hear the sighs while reading this.  Bummer, isn’t it?


Does our team and coach hing staff have that fire, drive, hell even the skill, to take us there? To have Raiders not only get to the playoffs but succeed while there. It’s time to make those dreams a reality on the felid and in the hearts of many die-hard fans.  Light a candle, cross your fingers, say a prayer, or do a dance. Whatever you think will aid the Raiders in their playoff run. I want to see them go, but  smash the living hell out of it, casting the world into utter dismay. Commitment To Excellence remains the motto. Now should be the time to put that into full effect.*cough cough coaching staff*


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