It felt like a given when Mike Wallace signed in Baltimore. When Mike Wallace, who spent his four seasons, his best four seasons, in Pittsburgh signed with the division rival Baltimore Ravens, it felt like a given that he was ready to get his revenge on the Steelers at some point.

Will Mike Wallace score on Pittsburgh Steelers again?

Wallace likely regrets his decision to walk away from Pittsburgh. Situations in Miami and Minnesota did not work out before being a decent pick up for the Ravens in Baltimore. However, his two best statistical years are still his second and third years in the NFL.

Still, in three games against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Wallace has been sure to act like the ex who moved on and is enjoying life.

In three games since signing with the Baltimore Ravens, Wallace has 14 receptions, for 200 yards and two touchdowns.In his first game back against the Steelers he had 124 yards and a touchdown. Earlier this season he caught six passes for 55 yards and a touchdown in the loss.

Since then, the Steelers secondary has hit a rut. Joe Haden went down to injury and Mike Mitchell has been in and out of the lineup as well. It has lead to defensive breakdowns and a lot of big plays allowed. Coty Sensabaugh was benched last week, and whether or not it is him or Cameron Sutton starting will be determined. On the other side, Artie Burns has had his issues as well.

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Joe Flacco has been a major issue this year, but last week was the best game of his 2017 season. It also led to Wallace having one of the best games of his year, hauling in five passes for 116 yards.

Wallace is trending in the right direction and has had success in this moment before. The Steelers are trending in the opposite direction. It is in the books that Wallace once again has some success against the team that drafted him back in 2009.

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