There is not much debate among the Full Press Vikings Staff who wins tomorrow’s matchup between the Vikings and Panthers. There is, however, a slight disagreement on the exact outcome.

Mark Gabreski: Minnesota 27, Carolina 14

The Vikes are hot and I am ‘Thielen’ another win this week. Minnesota’s offense has been firing on all cylinders with Case Keenum at the helm. A matchup with Carolina’s middling defense should be ripe for the Viking’s plethora of offensive weapons. Minnesota’s effective pass rush should be more than capable of stopping Cam Newton‘s ground game. Additionally, Carolina’s versatile passing attack should be handled by Minnesota’s complete secondary.

Adam Pearson: Minnesota 27, Carolina 10

The Panthers are going to struggle to score against a Vikings team that is coming off their eighth-straight victory in which they held one of the NFL’s most explosive offenses to nine points. On top of that, Keenum can seemingly do no wrong right now.

Clayton Brooks: Minnesota 24, Carolina 13

Since Zimmer has been the Viking coach, Newton has yet to figure out this Minnesota defense, going 0-2 since 2014. He has typically struggled against top-level defenses for much of his career, and the Vikings are about as good as it gets in the NFC. Minnesota should complete the sweep of the five-game stretch on Sunday.

Sam Smith: Minnesota 20, Carolina 13

Minnesota is rolling on defense. After shutting down Atlanta and Los Angeles in the span of three weeks, it is clear that offenses are dying when the Vikings come to town. Carolina runs the ball a lot but not terribly efficiently, and their passing game is no better. They will struggle to put up points in this game. The big thing the Panthers have going for them, however, is a strong front-seven. Even with a weak secondary, that group should hold the Minnesota production down, even when their offense is not scoring. This will be a defensive battle but the Panthers will never truly threaten.

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