For my first article for Full Press Coverage, I thought I’d do a well thought out, planned, and executed article. No in-depth look at stats for a game, no more “step up” articles, and most importantly no more little articles that are only worth reading for 5 minutes, yes that means that I will not be producing as many articles but the articles I put out will be better all around. You all know the saying quality over quantity right? That being said, here’s some samples of what articles I will be writing.

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Greatest team needs. Every week or so I will analyze what looks like the Colts will need come this off season listed out either on a scale 1-5 or 1-10 depending how good or bad the team looks that past week or so in game. Next article I will try my best to keep a weekly thing is grading. I want to grade each position and possibly players PFF style and give them the grade I think they deserve. Something else I want to do is scouting reports. I’m not that familiar with college players and I need to be, as a football analyst/writer I will need to get to know the future of this league and doing scouting reports will be perfect for that. Besides scouting reports I want to get into doing mock drafts and redrafts involving every NFL team. Doing this will also familiarize me with teams I don’t know much about like the Buccaneers, Bears, Falcons, etc. Last is podcasting. Another writer and I will work on getting familiar with how to work a podcast to bring you various different topics about the NFL.

I know that this is one of the quick articles I said I will not be doing but this is a little bit about what I will be doing on this site. I look forward to producing articles to the best of my ability and home great things come in the future!

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