To help preview the Pittsburgh Steelers week 13 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, we brought in Ravens Managing Editor Adrian Andrew. We asked Andrew five questions regarding the team he follows every week.

Jimmy Smith has seemingly been the only player to have historically kept Antonio Brown in check. Without him in the lineup, how will the Ravens try to handle Brown?

This will fall into the hands of Brandon Carr and Marlon Humphrey mainly. Humphrey has looked good so far in his rookie season but is nowhere near on Jimmy Smith level. Carr has been playing tremendously but hasn’t really been playing against elite wideouts. Don’t be surprised to see Brown get double covered and sometimes have the safeties such as Eric Weddle and Tony Jefferson help in coverage.

Joe Flacco had the best game of his season last Sunday. Is it possible to think he can step his game up over this last stretch?

It’s hard to believe Flacco will play as good as he did last week, but at the same time “ Playoff Joe” might be on the horizon. As last week it wasn’t just stats that made Flacco’s game impressive, but also his sense of motivation. Flacco seemed more pumped and ready to go. Last week had to boost his confidence and if he is close to as motivated as he was last week Flacco could be an excellent quarterback as we approach the playoffs.

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Mike Wallace has two touchdowns in three games against his former team. Could he find his way into the end zone again on Sunday?

Mike Wallace played phenomenally last week racking up 116 yards. His connection was stellar with Flacco, even though Flacco did miss him on a couple throws. But the Steelers are stout against wide receivers only allowing 1,592 yards and 11 touchdowns the entire season! The Ravens seem to be in sync and tough defense or not I think Wallace finds a way into the end zone.

Brandon Williams did not play the last time the Steelers met the Ravens. The Steelers ran for 173 yards. Is there any way they can have similar success with him in the lineup?

The Steelers will not have an easy time running the ball this time around. The trends of rushing yards allowed since Williams has returned have been amazing! When looking at the number of rushing yards without Williams compared to when he is healthy just show how dominant he has been. Even with one of the best running backs in the NFL, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Steelers can’t rush over 100 yards.

Bud Dupree and T.J. Watt have struggled to get to the quarterback over the past few weeks. How are the Ravens tackles looking and do they present an opportunity to get these guys on track?

The Ravens offensive-line is awful. It would be a good time to get Watt and Dupree on track but it won’t be easy an easy feat against Joe Flacco. Flacco is one of the fastest releasing quarterbacks in the NFL. Meaning that he gets rid of the ball extremely quick with or without pressure. Watt and Dupree will no doubt have an easier time getting to the quarterback than when facing other teams. But the problem will be getting Flacco before he lets go of the football.

– Parker Hurley is Pittsburgh Steelers team manager of Full Press Coverage. He covers the NFL. Like and follow on and Facebook.

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