The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off their first loss in 10 weeks. Granted the loss came in possibly the harshest environment to play in, it’s still a rare occurrence. Can the birds bounce back after a rare loss? They have to face the Los Angeles Rams (9-3). The Rams are coming off a two-game win streak, with wins against the Cardinals and the Saints while Philadelphia is coming off a loss in Seattle and a win at home against the Bears. Philly goes in as slight underdogs but look for them to have the crowd behind them as Eagles fans traveled well to the Chargers game. This is an important game for both teams as the Eagles try to regain the top spot in the NFC. The Rams have to win to keep the surging Seahawks at bay. Here are our picks here at FPC Eagles for this Sunday’s matchup:


Ryan Mace: 

This is a must win game in my eyes. If the birds want any shot at getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs they need to win here. Also for their own psyche, going into the final stretch of the season losing both games against playoff caliber opponents can’t be good for the morale of the locker room.

Eagles 24-17

James Bunting: 

On the field, I think these two teams are very evenly matched. They’ve scored the exact same number of points this season, and their points allowed is separated by a single touchdown. But there are several intangibles pointing in Philadelphia’s favor this week. They got the loss out of their system. They elected to stay on the West Coast and eliminate travel. The Rams had to cancel practice on Wednesday and the fires are weighing heavy on a lot of players’ minds. Lastly, the thousands of visiting Eagles fans will make this feel like a Philadelphia home game.

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Eagles 30-20

Christian Gotzman: 

The Eagles will have “home” field advantage and are coming off a tough loss to the Seahawks. Doug Pederson and the rest of the coaching staff won’t let this team lose two straight. It is time for this team to regroup and refocus. This is a must-win game for the Eagles.

Eagles 34-26

TJ Ray: 

The Eagles have a west coast home game coming up. LA is already swarming with Eagles fans. The Rams were reportedly practicing with a silent count this week in case the Eagles fans are too loud. That said, the Rams are probably the most complete team the Eagles have faced so far. If they can shut down Todd Gurley and get some pressure on Jared Goff, they have a shot.

Eagles 21-Rams 17

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