The Los Angeles Rams have been fascination all season. They have looked untouchable at times, thrashing the Giants 51-17. However, they have struggled to win the big game. After Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, many fans are wondering if the Rams have what it takes to be a “great” team. That concern is rational because, at the end of the day, great teams win the big games. LA does have one very impressive win, coming in week 12 over the New Orleans Saints.

The Rams are a team with playoff aspirations, and rightfully so. However, the playoffs are filled with teams just like the Eagles, Vikings, and Seahawks.

Are they great?

It is easy to argue that the Rams are a great team. LA has the highest scoring offense in the NFL and one of the best scoring defenses, especially since week four. However, in big games, the team simply hasn’t played complete on both sides of the ball. Against the Vikings, the offense got nothing going, same against the Seahawks the first time around. Against the Eagles, the offense dropped 35 points on a very good defense, but the LA defense still allowed the team to lose.

So, LA certainly does have all the pieces to be great. The issue is that all of these pieces are not forming a full puzzle in the big games. In the Rams 33-0 victory in London, that is a full puzzle. That is what LA needs to be in big games, they need their best on both sides of the ball.

Pump the brakes

Is this team great? Yes… or no?

Quite frankly, it is likely too soon to tell. Great teams are made in the playoffs when they put together an excellent performance to win a big game. Teams like the Rams that just burst onto the scene this season cannot earn a classification yet. Without a doubt, they certainly have the potential to do special things come playoff time.


Luckily, this young team has a chance to silence their doubters quickly. The young team is headed into a huge game this Sunday, traveling to Seattle for a game that will determine the division lead. This is without a doubt the most important game that most of the players on this young roster have played in.

In order to find success in Seattle, they will need to get the offensive piece of the puzzle going. LA’s first matchup with the Hawks this season was arguably their worst offensive game of the season. Teams like the Rams are constantly in flux in terms of how they are defined.

Can LA prove they are on their way to greatness on Sunday?

– Andrew Kelly is the Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Rams. He covers the Los Angeles Rams and is also the Divisional Editor for the NFC West. Like and follow on and Facebook.

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