Chiefs Humble Raiders, 26-15

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch

In typical 2017 style, the Oakland Raiders squandered a chance to keep pace, losing 26-15 in Kansas City. For all of the high hopes and words from the coaching staff, the Raiders played flat, uninspired football. The word ugly fails to depict the tone of the matchup. While playoff possibilities exist, that window continues to close. After this loss, the Raiders need to win out and get help.

Most Valuable

In limited action, due to the lopsided score, Marshawn Lynch tallied 61 yards on seven carries. This includes a 22-yard touchdown run. While Lynch excelled in few snaps, the overwhelming leads proved too much to stay with the run game. However, Lynch showed burst and vision, and looks rather spry since his one-game suspension.

Least Valuable

Reggie McKenzie. Granted, McKenzie deserves the utmost credit for rebuilding a broken franchise. Yet, no reconstruction should require constant renovation. The Raiders employ one of the single worst secondaries in the NFL. Cornerback depth does not exist. High draft picks either cannot see the field due to injury or lack of readiness. Karl Joseph, for all of his reckless abandon whiffs on too many open field tackles. At this writing, Reggie Nelson just arrived to the ball.

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The roster falls under the strict eye of Reggie McKenzie. How does he build a defense that lacks interior push and cannot cover? The Raiders defense is thin and underdeveloped at key spots. With players that McKenzie passed on other teams succeed via the draft and free agency. The Chiefs rolled up 408 yards on offense, including ten rushing first downs. That remains inexcusable.



That number represents the total number of first downs. In 2016, the Raiders ranked among the league’s best offenses. Now, that seems like a distant memory. With an increase and talent, the team production actually declined. The 2017 version of this unit, things appear disjointed and lacking the tempo of a year ago.Not to mention, the body language appears detached.

Loss Meaning:
In reality, the Raiders(6-7) need to win every remaining game. In addition, they will need help from opponents of their rivals. Under those circumstances, Oakland appears on the ropes and looking for a miracle. Without delay, each game is crucial.

Next Up
Sunday night, the Raiders welcome the Dallas Cowboys to The Cowboys, like Oakland possess a mathematical chance to clinch a playoff berth. However, they will be without Ezekiel Elliott. That could either tilt the game in Oakland’s favor or see Dak Prescott throw four touchdowns. At this point, this Raiders team is struggling for answers.


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