The New York Jets were flat out humiliated by the Denver Broncos on Sunday. After riding high versus Kansas City, the Jets came back to the ground, hard, losing 23-0. This was an embarrassing game for New York, but how did each individual unit perform?


Josh McCown & Bryce Petty

Key Stats: McCown: 6/12, 48 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT, 25.0 RTG

Petty: 2/9, 14 yds, 0 TD, 39.6 RTG

Notes: Josh McCown struggled mightily throughout the game. He broke his hand in the third quarter, and Bryce Petty did not play any better in his relief. Just a bad game for these two.

Final Grade: F

Running Backs

Bilal Powell and Matt Forte

Key Stats: Powell: 13 Att, 35 yds, 2.7 YPC

Forte: 6 Att, 13 yds, 2.2 YPC

Final Grade: D-

Notes: Can’t put all the blame on the Bilal Powell and Matt Forte simply because the O-Line gave them no opportunities.

Wide Receivers

Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse

Key Stats: Anderson: 3 Rec, 27 yds

Kearse: 1 Rec, 4 yds

Final Grade: F

Tight End

Austin-Seferian Jenkins

Key Stats: 1 Rec, 1 yard.

Final Grade: F

Offensive Line

Entire Unit

Key Stats: 4 sacks, 59 total rushing yards, 1 penalty

Final Grade: F

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Notes: These stats may not look worthy of an F, but the tape will show this unit got dominated all game long.

Defensive Line

Entire Unit

Key Stats: 1 sack, 84 rushing yds allowed, allowed 2.4 YPC

Final Grade: B-


Entire Unit

Key Stats: David Bass: 1 sack, 3 tackles

Demario Davis: 12 total tackles

Final Grade: C


Entire Unit

Key Stats: 0 INT, 200 passing yds allowed, 1 TD allowed

Final Grade: C-

Special Teams

Entire Unit

Final Grade: B

Notes: Not much to evaluate here. No field goals for Chandler Catanzaro. Lac Edwards did punt eight times, averaging a solid 45.6 yards per punt.


Entire Unit

Key Stats: 100 total offensive yards, 273 yards allowed. 0 points, 8 punts, 2.1 yards per play.

Notes: The coaching staff looked as if they gave up in the second quarter. Down 13-0 with around a minute left in the first half, Todd Bowles let the clock run rather than try to make it a one score game. Also, after McCown left the game, they called it quits. They ran the ball down 3 possessions with 10 minutes left in the fourth. Truly pathetic all around from the coaching staff.

Final Grade: F

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