With a 43-35 win over the Los Angeles Rams, the Eagles have done something they haven’t accomplished since 2013. The Philadelphia Eagles are your 2017 NFC East Champions.

Next Man Up

The Eagles have fought through a whole lot of adversity this season to be where they are. Doug Pederson and company adopted a little motto from a future Hall of Fame coach, Bill Belichick. Next man up. The NFL is unfortunately filled with injuries and some teams let it detour their seasons. Not this team though. Two big season-ending injuries to big-name starters, included a future Hall of Famer, is just where it starts. A few injuries sputtered along the season also provided a roadblock. To add on to the drama, it looks like that MVP candidate, quarterback Carson Wentz, might also out for the rest of the year.

Light Expectations

Fans came into this year with moderate expectations. This team was coming off a seven and nine season with some fans questioning Doug Pederson’s ability to coach. A trip to the playoffs looked like a “win” for this team at the start of the season as most fans only predicted eight or nine wins.

This team proved everyone wrong. Vegas, analysts, and even the fans. Everyone was calling Doug Pederson stupid for saying this team was better than 1996 Packers. The Eagles showed that Doug might not be wrong.

Doug Pederson, Coach of the Year?

Doug Pederson definitely deserves some votes for coach of the year. It would be highway robbery if he doesn’t get one. Doug has kept this team level-headed and has the players tight-knit. He has created an environment, a culture, that is just like none other. Nothing has gone past this team and it looks like nothing might ever get past it. When a player gets hurt the backup just comes in and does what he is supposed to do. Even with the biggest loss at the most crucial position, there is still hope for this team. Nick Foles is taking over for the beloved Carson Wentz but not much hope was lost. This staff has shown the ability to win no matter the circumstances.

Howie Roseman/Joe Douglas, Executive of the Year?

The big two have supplied Doug Pederson with an amazing team. There is great depth on this team that makes this team as great as it is. Back in 2016, Howie made a move that changed the fortune of this franchise. He traded up for the franchise quarterback, Carson Wentz. This move proved vital to the team’s success as he has been everything the Eagles wanted and more. Wentz has progressed faster than everyone thought and looks like the quarterback that can lead this team to the Super Bowl.

Howie also pulls off the most magical trades possible in a league with very few trades. There are multiple trades you can look at ranging from the Jay Ajayi trade to the Timmy Jernigan trade. Howie has proved that he is a football guy and not just a numbers guy. Roseman has also had great success in locking up players for the long term.

Playoff Time

This is the first division title since 2013 with Chip Kelly, also the first playoff appearance since then. The Eagles will be riding with Nick Foles now through the playoffs. Some people are saying the Eagles have absolutely no chance but it is time to believe. Teams with worse quarterbacks have won it all. Trent Dilfer would be a prime example of that. It isn’t confirmed he is out for the season but it sure ain’t looking good. Time to pray for Carson. #FlyEaglesFly


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