Todd’s Gift: Downing’s Presence Hinders Raiders, Irks Fans

Without a doubt, Todd Downing managed a miraculous feat in 2017. For the first time, he united the entire Raiders fanbase. Fans that normally bicker over team location and other drama now fight for a singular cause. RaiderNation wants Todd Downing fired as soon as humanely possible. For many reasons, this week should be his last in Oakland. Three specific areas of blame exist for his employment with the team.

Blackjack’s Last Card

During his tenure as a head coach, Jack del Rio displays a willingness to fire any assistant he deems unworthy to stay. Yet, from the outside, his firings appear more self-preservation than anything else does. After years of abysmal defense, no adjustments, and complete defensive breakdowns, Ken Norton saw the pink slip. Yet, why does Downing stay. If you believe Del Rio is not smart, think again. He knows that firing both coordinators during the season remains the ultimate panic move and signals the coach originally chose wrong to start with. By firing Downing, Del Rio admits to failing the offense for the season. In an era of doubletalk and non-answers, Del Rio will never publicly admit this. Moreover, he must realize that with Downing gone, he is the last one responsible. Armed with an extension, he does not want to test McKenzie’s resolve.

Too Nice

People respect Derek Carr’s humility, grace, and team-first attitude. Be that as it may, he needed to either throw Downing under the bus week ago or call his own plays. Carr’s gracious demeanor hurts and helps this franchise. First, he will not show up on a police blotter. On the other hand, he will not yell, bang on a table and curse someone out. With Carr, there is no mean switch to flip. What makes him a great teammate makes him infuriating. He knows the play before anyone and should change it immediately. After all, loyalty is important. On the contrary, too much causes drama. In the offseason, people chronicled the close relationship between Carr and Downing. In that case, disagreement, loud or otherwise should occur

The Man Himself

In spite of numerous free agent/trade upgrades, the offense runs like a rusty Buick. The 2017 Raiders possess far more talent than their 2016 counterparts. However, the results do not match up. Down 19-0 at the half, versus the Chiefs, the Raiders start the second half with a screen to Crabtree. As a result, that play nets two yards and will lead to a three-and-out. Where is the innovation? For some unknown reason, Downing reverts to the dink-and-dunk offense. After thirteen weeks of lackluster offense and the playoffs on the line, Downing calls a wretched game. Sadly, he could still work for the Raiders next week.
Given these points, the Oakland Raiders will probably still employ Downing through the end of the season.