The Niners won their second consecutive game on Sunday. Yes, this is real life. For the first time since 2014, the 49ers have won back-to-back games. Conveniently, those two wins came in the first two shirts for Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo once again helped lead the Niners to victory, defeating the Texans 26-16. Without a doubt, the newly acquired quarterback is making his case to be “the guy” going forward.

Things did not get off to a great start for San Francisco, as Houston got on the board first. Looking to bounce back, Garoppolo threw an interception on the ensuing possession. Things turned around after that, the Niners tied things up with a Robbie Gould field goal and then took the lead on a Carlos Hyde touchdown run. The Texans nearly tied things up after T.J. Yates found DeAndre Hopkins for a touchdown. Hopkins, one of the best receivers in the league, had an absolutely monster day on Sunday.

Right before the half with just a one-point lead Shanahan elected to run the ball. Likely just looking to run the clock out, the head coach was content going into the half with a lead. Hyde had other plans, breaking a huge run down the sideline and setting San Francisco up for a field goal at the end of the half.

Hopkins was back at it again coming out of the locker room. Marching right down the field, Yates then found Hopkins in the endzone for an easy touchdown. After that, the game was all Niners. Gould knocked through two more field goals and Garoppolo threw his first touchdown pass as a Niner. At the end of the day, San Francisco marched comfortably to their first back-to-back win in years.

Most Valuable Player – Jimmy Garoppolo

Garoppolo was easily the MVP of the 49ers win on Sunday. The new starting quarterback is the MVP, not only for his performance but for the hope he provided to the organization. 49ers fans now have something to look forward to thanks to the excellent play of Garoppolo on Sunday, completing 20 passes for over 300 yards. Without a doubt, Jimmy G has solidified his case for being the Niners franchise quarterback heading into the future.

Least Valuable Player – Secondary

It is tough to pick a least valuable player in the Niners secondary. They did not perform horribly but allowed Hopkins to go for an absolutely huge day that almost allowed Houston to hang around in the game. Yes, Hopkins is one of the best receivers in the league, but he played above and beyond on Sunday. It is crucial for the Niners to find someone in the secondary who will step up and defend big-time targets like Hopkins.

Gould is gold

49ers kicker Robbie Gould has been crucial the past few weeks. With the offense moving the ball but struggling to find the endzone, redzone opportunities have been plentiful. Gould has attempted nine field goals in the past two weeks, converting all nine of those attempts. Last week against the Bears every single point was crucial in the one-point win. On Sunday, Gould’s kicking helped Garoppolo to feel less pressure to find the endzone.

Niners outlook

The 49ers will face off with the Tennessee Titans next week. The Titans have had an up-and-down season, including losing to the Cardinals on Sunday. The Niners will have to do their best to control Marcus Mariota in the pocket. Garoppolo could be on track for another big day, as the Titans do not have a strong secondary. Two weeks ago this game would have seemed like a loss, but now it seems up for grabs thanks to the strong performances the Niners have put up.

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