Is Kirk Cousins to Buffalo a legit option next season?

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It may be way too early to be discussing free agency for next season, but it is not too early to be discussing on who may be the Bills starting quarterback for next year. Let’s face it, it’s more than likely that Tyrod Taylor is seeing his days in Buffalo coming to an end. Nathan Peterman has more interceptions than touchdowns this season. With Taylor most likely out of Buffalo and Peterman still needing to grow, who could potentially take over the franchise in 2018?

The Bills could look to the draft seeing as how there are plenty of options at quarterback. Especially in the first round with quarterbacks like Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield and possibly Mason Rudolph. The only problem is that they drafted Peterman last year. It is hard to imagine that the Bills could possibly draft yet another quarterback.

Another option is free agency. The top quarterbacks that we could see enter the market are Drew Brees, Sam Bradford, and Kirk Cousins. Brees may stay to finish his career in New Orleans and who knows what will happen with Bradford and the Vikings. The Bills best chance at a quarterback for free agency is Cousins assuming he does not return to Washington.

While it is hard to build a winning team through free agency, the quarterback position seems to be the main concern in Buffalo. Ever since Jim Kelly, the Bills have only had one true quarterback that did somewhat well and that was Doug Flutie.

Cousins may not be the immediate answer for the Bills, but he can provide more than most think. He’s a passing quarterback, something that the Bills have not had for three seasons. They have had to rely on Tyrod Taylor’s legs to make plays. The last two seasons, Taylor has just reached over 3,000 passing yards in each season. It’s clear the Bills main priority was to run the ball. They have been successful on the ground but not through the air.

This season, without DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon and basically no Jordan Reed because of injuries, Cousins has still managed to throw for 3,440 yards and 22 touchdowns and there are still three games remaining in the regular season. He throws the ball down field in which Taylor does not do as often.

With all the quarterbacks that may enter free agency, Cousins is a big name that may be looking for a new home. At age 29, he is still young and can lead a team. Set him up with a Bills offense that has the talent that he can utilize. He has the NFL experience and would be going into an offense that has LeSean McCoy and could be brining back their big receiver in Kelvin Benjamin.

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If Cousins is indeed a free agent after this season, the Bills should strongly consider going after him.


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