Can Foles lead the team?

Obviously, he will not be Carson Wentz and the Eagles will not be the same without Wentz. Wentz made superstar plays and made something out of nothing. Foles will be able to make throws while under pressure but can’t be expected to be the same. Carson Wentz was flat out amazing under pressure this year, making all the throws. One of the plays that Foles was under heavy pressure he tried to throw it to Vitai. So some improvements will be needed before the playoffs.

Will the number one seed help?

I strongly believe that this is a must for the Eagles now. Before the injury to Wentz, I thought that they could survive without home field advantage. But now with the state the team is in, having the playoffs come through Philly is imperative. The fans should give them the boost they need to win at least one playoff game and gain momentum. While the noise of another team’s stadium in the playoffs would be just another hurdle they have to overcome.

What will the offense look like without #11 at the helm?

This will fall heavily on the backs of the coaches and if they can prepare Foles for the situations he will have to face. Let’s be honest, Foles has very little, if any experience with the first-team offense. Although Wentz will not be playing in the games I know he will be heavily involved, helping Foles through this. But all in all, don’t expect the same offense you’ve seen in the 11-2 start.

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Who will have to step up now that Wentz is hurt?

In short, everyone. But in reality, the offensive line will have to play better than they did. No matter who the quarterback was the left side of the line was consistently allowing pressure. Aaron Donald was just blowing by Isaac Seumalo and Halapoulivaati Vaitai. Granted Donald is one of the best pass rushers in the league, they still need to at least slow down good pass rushers and give Foles some time. That is not the last challenge that they will face and won’t be the toughest. They will have to protect Foles more than they protected Wentz.

Will the Eagles defense return to their dominant form?

Against the Rams on Sunday, the defense gave up the most points they have all year at 35. Granted they were going up against the number 2 scoring offense in the league. Now that they are going in with a backup quarterback, the pressure will be on for them to step up and limit the number of points that the offense will have to score.

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