If there is one obvious weakness that the Buffalo Bills have had all season, it’s their run defense. Currently, their rushing defense is ranked 26th in the run and have allowed on average about 123 rushing yards per game to opposing running backs. They have given up the most amount of rushing touchdowns this season to opponents with 18.

For the future, the Bills need to go after a run stopper on defense in the offseason, but they will need to just focus on how to contain Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake.

This game should be an intense matchup overall, but the Dolphins right now have the edge when it comes to the weaknesses of the Bills running game. Drake, who may have secured his spot as the Dolphins starting running back for the remainder of the season has played unbelievable the last two weeks. His ability that he has can cause the Bills defense problems.

In this season, Drake only has 434 rushing yards and two touchdowns, but again, the past two weeks he has rushed for over 100 yards against the Broncos and the Patriots. The running game that the Dolphins have now adds to their dangerous passing game that can  go off if Jay Cutler doesn’t throw interceptions.

Leslie Frazier needs to come up with an effective game plan for Drake alone. If Drake is able to carry the offense and get the Dolphins great field position, it will open up the passing game and it could be a very long game for the Bills.

The pressure is already on for the Bills. Sitting at the number six spot in the playoffs this week at 7-6, their final push to the playoffs starts this Sunday. To add more pressure, it’s their home finale as well. The Bills have the chance to avoid a losing record this Sunday as well as potentially keep their playoff spot.

It’s simple, stop Drake from running wild and force Cutler to throw the ball and make him throw picks. Containing the run game is very crucial for the Bills. The more that Drake is contained, the more likely it is for the Bills to pick up their eighth win of the season.



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