The one true playmaker for the Buffalo Bills could have himself a great game this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. Let’s face it, ever since LeSean McCoy has arrived to Buffalo, they have been a running team and the last two seasons, they were a top running offense. It doesn’t seem like this season has the same impact but they are currently the sixth best rushing team in the league.

Who’s to have the majority of the credit for their success on the ground? None other than Shady McCoy himself. This season, McCoy is statistically the 5th top rushing running back in the league with 1,007 rushing yards and five touchdowns. The offensive line has been shaky this season but they have managed to somewhat click as the season goes on.

After his best game of the season last week against the Colts, there is a good chance that we see that same McCoy. He rushed for 156 yards and the game’s winning touchdown in overtime last week. Who is to say he can’t have this kind of performance against the Dolphins this Sunday?

But why McCoy?


Let’s look at some of the factors that can cause a breakout game for McCoy: 


1.) That Wonderful Buffalo Weather: 

After last Sunday’s blizzard like weather during the Colts/Bills game, it proves that the Bills will need to run the ball. Granted that this Sunday should not face those types of conditions but it’s still going to be a cold one in Buffalo. The Bills won’t have to worry about passing the ball to make the receivers face more pressure to catch the ball in the cold.

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2.) Tyrod Taylor is Back, but still banged up:

The Bills have named Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback after missing last week’s game due to a knee injury he suffered a week prior against the New England Patriots. No one will know how Taylor will perform with the knee injury. He actually may be limited in the running game because he may not be as mobile with his legs.

Overall, there are a lot of injuries that have happened on the Bills offense, but luckily McCoy has been able to keep himself healthy. The team is battling injuries so they should be looking to their strongest weapon, and that would be McCoy.

3.) Reach the 10,000 Rushing Yards Milestone:

McCoy is 39 rushing yards away from reaching 10,000 rushing yards in his career. Since being traded to Buffalo, he has helped the team in anyway possible to try and bring a winning culture to the Bills. On top of trying to reach this milestone, the Bills may want to consider letting McCoy just carry the rock a majority of the game against a middle of the pack Dolphins rushing defense. Let McCoy handle the workload rather than pressure Taylor from throwing the ball to a Dolphins secondary that can be scary good at times.

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