As the Arizona Cardinals prepare to take on the Washington Redskins, our friend J.W. Gravely, over at the Full Press Coverage Redskins joined us for a little Q&A ahead of Sunday’s game. Washington was eliminated from playoff contention while Arizona’s chances hinge on winning. We asked six questions about Sunday’s game, below is the conversation.

With the Arizona Offensive line injured and struggling, how will Washington look to take advantage and get to Blaine Gabbert?

I think you’ve got to look at the edge guys. Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan. I think with a beat up offensive line, Kerrigan will be looking to feast on that. If Arizona sends help on that side then it may help, but, the other edge guys can make noise as well. However, with Zach Brown out Sunday, the Cardinals should try to attack on the ground first then attack through the air. 
That all depends on what the defensive coaches decide. They need to do something though due to being blown out the last two weeks. 

Do you think the Washington defense can prevent the Arizona run game from getting a foothold in the game? 

With Zach Brown now officially out, and no chance Adrian Peterson plays, it’s hard to tell honestly. I’d give the edge on this one to Arizona though.
Air attack. They’ve got to get Kirk Cousins comfortable man. The team is obviously out of the playoffs but the players want to win these last few games. I think the key player here will be DJ Swearinger. I look for him to have a big game Sunday.

How good would Kirk Cousins look in a Cardinals uniform? 

Probably good. Kirk is a good QB… people often overlook he’s been on some bad teams since being in Washington. But, if the team doesn’t tag him, I believe he walks. The future for him is practically in his hands at this point.
A big thank you to J.W. and everyone over at Full Press Coverage Redskins for taking part in our Q&A session.
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