Game Recap: 49ers vs Titans

The now 4-10 San Francisco 49ers beat the 8-6 Tennessee Titans in a back and forth game for the 49ers. Fueled by Jimmy Garoppolo on offense and Robbie Gould on special teams, the 49ers were ahead most of the game by scoring two field goals right off the bat to provide the momentum for the rest of the game.

Most Valuable

The most valuable player of the game was kicker Robbie Gould. He has been doing it all season he was a perfect six for six on his field goals. This included the game winning 45-yard field goal. He also made field goals from 38, 48,28,50, and a 48 yards out. Gould’s accuracy these past few weeks has been the only reason the 49ers have been alive and in games.

Least Valuable

The 49ers struggled to develop a running game. Luckily, this didn’t stop Garoppolo from developing the passing game. Carlos Hyde carried the ball 16 times for 25 yards, averaging 1.6 yards a carry. Matt Breida carried the ball 5 times for 16 yards.

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Probably the best pat of tonight’s win was to see Garoppolo thrive in the passing game. Marquise Goodwin has had great connection with Garoppolo the past few weeks and that didn’t end tonight. Goodwin had 10 receptions for 114 yards. This is in addition to his 14 receptions for 205 receiving yards he had the past two weeks since Garoppolo has became the starter. Its safe to say that Goodwin and Garoppolo are a pretty good duo and the 49ers might have found their number one receiver for the next few years.

What the win means

With this win the 49ers now have a 3-game win streak and Garoppolo is now 3-0 as a starter for the 49ers. This gives 49ers fans much hope, as it seems the future for this team could be very bright. This is good news as the team might be just an offseason away from making a run to the playoffs.

Up Next

Up next, the 49ers play the 10-4 Jaguars. This will be a very hard game for them as the Jags have been on fire recently, coming off a 45-7 win versus the Texans this week. Lets hope the 49ers can ride this hot streak to build up momentum and potentially make it another impressive victory to add to their win column.

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