Jack Del Rio still ponders the folded index card that somehow led to a Dallas Cowboys first down. Also Michael Crabtree does not know why officials removed him on the last offensive play. As a result,  Oakland Raiders fell in 20-17 loss in their last home game of the season.

I can understand Del Rio’s confusion. Per the 2017 NFL Rulebook: “The line to gain is the spot 10 yards downfield from where the ball is spotted for an offense’s first down. If an offense advances the football to the line to gain in their set of downs, they are awarded an additional first down.” Pursuant to Rule 7, Section 3 , Article 1 (a), a team will get a new series of downs if “During a given series, the ball is declared dead in possession of Team A while at or beyond the line to gain.”

The ball rested away from the line to gain, so it should not have been a first down. The officials Dalls the first down on the prevent play. The Raiders won that challenge.

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Post game,  Michael Crabtree  said that he could not say anything, due to the official’s decision to move him to  the medical tent. The play before, he collided with Dallas linebacker Anthony Hitchens. Crabtree got up on his own. Trainers helped Hitchens off the field.

That statement pretty much echoes Jack Del Rio’s sentiments. He stated in his press conference post game that he did not want want a fine. Then, he elaborated that the officiating was off on more than the index card. Del Rio also cited the pass interference call against Jared Cook. This play occured towards the end of the first half.  The play looked like a touchdown. Instead, Giorgio Tavecchio missed a 39-yard field goal attempt wide left.

The nonsensical flag against Cook and Tavecchio’s miss stung.Although the Raiders still needed to play the second have, that sequence altered the direction of the game.

No one can deny that controversial calls Del Rio mentioned. In reality, many more horrible calls did not benefit the Raiders.

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