With ColtsMas, the holiday season in full fledge, let’s begin to focus on the true meaning of the season: giving back. Also, I don’t really feel like talking about the Colts’ train wreck of a season and an organization as a whole.

The Indianapolis Colts organization has always been hugely impactful in the community. If there was a team Walter Payton award, the Colts would surely win it. Every week, the Colts host a “Community Tuesday,” where they participate in various activities in the community. The Colts have a tradition of giving back to the next generation of Colts’ fans. Hopefully for these kids, by the time they are older, the Colts won’t be a complete disaster. Let’s go over some community events that the Colts have participated in.

Colts’ Christmas Carolling

Every freezing Indianapolis winter, the Colts travel to Riley Children’s Hospital to sing Christmas carols to patients. This is a great opportunity to bring joy and cheer to kids who lack so much of it in their lives.

Colts’ Defensive Backs Shop With Kids

Colt defensive backs Matthias Farley, Darius Butler, Quincy Wilson, and more, along with mascot Blue and cheerleaders, took foster kids on a shopping spree at Meijer. These kids, from Hands of Hope, got to spend the day with these Colts, and pick out whatever toys or clothes they wanted.

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Colts Help Cloth Kids For The Winter

Every year, the Colts partner with LIDS hat store to provide new shoes, baseball caps, beanies, and woolen hats to underprivileged children to get through the harsh Indy winters. These kids, from Hawthorne Elementary, came into lids, got their feet sized and shoes fitted, and pick out hats.

Along with all of these acts of service, Colts’ Walter Payton Man of The Year nominee Darius Butler’s foundation is dedicated to beating hunger and putting underprivileged youth to succeed in the future. Check out Darius Butler’s foundation here.

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Ben Pfeifer is the Managing Editor of the Colts for Full Press Coverage, and the AFC South Division Editor. Want to continue the discussion? Contact Ben Pfeifer on Twitter @Ben_Pfeifer_ and @FPC_Colts.



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