The Buffalo Bills are looking for an upset win against the top New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium. The Bills come in at 8-6 with their playoff chances looking good for now but anything can change. This game can either boost the Bills chances for a playoff spot, or decrease them majorly. The good news about this game? The Bills can’t get get eliminated from playoff contention if they can’t win.

The Bills should have more motivation to win this game than the Patriots. The Pats are already in but are looking for a first round bye. The Bills are fighting for a playoff spot and what better way to make a statement then to beat the arguably number one team in the AFC?

What do the Bills need to do to shock the NFL and beat the Patriots?

1.) Win All Three Phases of The Game

Almost nothing is going to ever be perfect but in with this game, the Bills defense will need to be victorious on offense, defense and special teams. The Pats can be very dangerous if they get momentum going which can be trouble for the Bills. If the Bills defense can shut down Tom Brady and get the ball going on offense, the Bills should be in the game the entire time. With special teams, they cannot let the Patriots punt/kick returners get into the open field.

2.) Let LeSean McCoy Work His Magic

LeSean McCoy carried the Bills offense the last couple of weeks and the offense should continue to be lifted by McCoy. Still in the prime of his career, McCoy has done so much in the years he has been in the NFL. If he can help the Bills win this game, he might be able be apart of the team that helped the Bills get to the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

McCoy is dangerous once he is past the first level. Rick Dennison should give the ball to McCoy whenever it’s possible.

3.) Discipline, Discipline, Discipline, 

The Bills have played as a better team when they are disciplined. Whenever they play lazy, it becomes tough to watch the game because the team is giving up big plays or not completing big plays. Unnecessary penalties will make the Bills suffer especially if there are false starts, holding penalties or if things get chippy with the Patriots.

A disciplined Bills team gives the team the best chance at winning this game. Hard hits, and great play making will set the Bills up for a potential win in Foxborough.


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