Punts on Punts on Punts on Punts on Punts.

This game was perhaps the most boring game of the season. At least last week’s Colts-Bills game was fun to watch, as players were slipping and sliding all over the place. This game was just played on a terrible field, with two terrible teams, and was terribly boring.

If you slept throughout the entire first half, I don’t blame you. Weaved in between seven (yes SEVEN) punts was a Jordan Howard run from a yard out and a Zane Gonzalez field goal towards the end of the half to make it 6-3.

That was the entirety of the action in the first two periods. Yes, this game was incredibly boring.

The second half got started off with a bang, however. On the first play of the half, a Mitchell Trubisky pass was picked off by Myles Garrett and ran back for a score. However, lineman Carl Nassib was lined up in the neutral zone, negating the pick-six.

The Bears took the penalty and ran with it, driving down the field before a Jordan Howard 16-yard run resulted in six. That was Howard’s second score of the game and extended the lead to 13-3.

After another Browns punt, the Bears drove into the Browns red zone. Following a horrible spot and a lost challenge because of a horrible spot after challenge, the Bears lost their first timeout. However, it didn’t deter them, as Mitchell Trubisky scored on a quarterback draw just three plays later to extend the lead to 20-3.

The Browns responded with a long drive of their own, but a red zone fumble recovered in the end zone by Prince Amukamara put an end to that and all but put the game on ice.

After a bunch of punts, another interception, this one by Bryce Callahan, truly ended this one. Hue Jackson’s devil magic on Christmas Eve is ceased by the all-powerful John Fox, and the Browns’ 0-16 parade is all but underway. John Fox won’t have anything to do this offseason, maybe he can be the grand marshall.

Play Of The Game:

It only took fourteen games and two and a half quarters, but Dowell Loggains finally figured out how to beat a blitz. Browns defensive coordinator Gregg Williams (yes, the one who paid players to injure people) sent pressure on virtually every 3rd down, sacking Mitchell Trubisky three times on such plays.

However, in the third quarter, Dowell Loggains forced Williams to step off the gas pedal a bit. A little screen pass to Benny Cunningham went for 40 yards because no one was back to defend it.

Loggains didn’t necessarily have a great game today, but he did have his bright spots, and this was the one that shined the brightest for Chicago.

Player Of The Game:

Just how much is Kyle Fuller going to get paid this offseason?

Fuller had another incredible game today against Cleveland. It’s fair to point out that DeShone Kizer isn’t exactly the greatest bar for comparison when trying to evaluate a defensive back, but I think Fuller’s play is still worthy of this award.

Fuller had 2 pass breakups, not including his diving effort to prevent Josh Gordon from making a catch during the third quarter. He also had an interception with an impressive over-the-shoulder grab off of a massive overthrow from Kizer earlier in the game.

The Franchise Tag for a cornerback may only be $14,500,000 this year. He’s at least given something for Ryan Pace to think about during his contract year.

What’s Next?

Chicago Bears (5-10) @ Minnesota Vikings (12-3)

Sunday, December 31

12:00 PM



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