Tis’ the season for NFL playoffs, head coach firings, and draft outlook. Atop the Jets wish list this year however, is one present Santa may or may not bring…a franchise quarterback.

The Jets have wanted one for quite some time, but year after year it only seems like Santa’s gift comes up short. Maybe this will finally be the year Mr. Holly Jolly delivers.

Obviously however, Gang Green won’t be getting their cherished gift on Christmas day. Shipping and handling expects the present to arrive anywhere from mid-February to late-April. And at this rate, the Jets don’t mind waiting.

Unwrapping the Jets

Twas’ the afternoon of Christmas Eve when all among JetsNation realized how important the gift of a quarterback could be. The Jets fell short to the Chargers 14-7, in what was a winnable game for Gang Green. If only they had a Rudolph-type quarterback to lead them to victory.

The Jets defense played stellar, keeping the team in the game by pressuring Philip Rivers and limiting the run. Quarterback Bryce Petty wasn’t able to mimic the performance of his secondary however. On the day he finished with a lousy 49.6 QBR in which he went 15/28 for 119 yards and an interception.

Petty looked less than stellar to say the least. He continued his trend of poor footwork and off-target passes, leaving the Jets shorthanded on the offensive side of the football.

Chants around Jets’ social media screamed for Christian Hackenberg, but the Jets wouldn’t bat an eye. After Hackenberg was seen warming up late in the second quarter, the Jets ultimately plugged back in Petty despite being injured earlier in the game.

Todd Bowles also went on the record after the loss, telling reporters that Petty would be due for another start next week in the Jets final game against New England.

Maccagnan’s One Horse Open Sleigh

The past couple of years, Santa has presented himself to the Jets in the form of GM Mike Maccagnan. Some years he has delivered, such as when he drafted Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. And other years he’s failed to fit down the chimney, such as when he re-signed Muhammad Wilkerson and let David Harris walk.

But, from the looks of it, the Jets will give Mac one more year at running the North Pole. This time it will either be Go Big or Go Home.

Once the Jets veteran quarterback in Josh McCown fell to season-ending injury, the Christmas lights fell down on Petty and Hackenberg. It was time to see what the Jets had hidden in their stockings, but most correctly predicted it would be disappointing. Petty continues to get the first team reps despite failing to improve at technique. And that, in a way, speaks to the Jets’ confidence in Hackenberg.

Simply said, it is more likely than not that neither Petty or Hackenberg are the gift that the Jets asked for. They’ve kept the team out of games, and have froze over the state of development of the team’s other young pieces. Maccagnan, I mean…Santa Claus, will be put with the task to get the Jets the perfect gift this offseason.

A Gift that Comes in Many Forms

While the Jets have kept their ask quite general, it will be up to Santa to pick and choose the highest quality. A “Franchise Quarterback” is all the wish list reads, so where should Santa look?

Surely, there are some big names preparing to hit free agency. Kirk Cousins tends to be a recurring name amongst that of JetsNation. The 29-year old quarterback is said to be reaching his prime, and his athletic, on-target throwing ability could be just what the Jets need.

There’s also a few others in Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, and Case Keenum. While one may not have much of an edge over the other, at least from a consumer’s standpoint, Santa won’t want to get this one wrong. That’s why if he plans to give the gift of one of these guys, he may also have a backup plan intact.

That will come in the form of the draft, where there are also a slew of big names available. From Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield and so on, the Jets could be gifted something great. And while it may take a few of Santa’s elves, or the Jets’ coaching staff, to make the gift perfect, there’s a chance it could pay dividends in the long run.

A Christmas Miracle?

At the end of the day, the Jets only hope that Maccagnan-Claus won’t screw this up. While a franchise quarterback will be a hot commodity among NFL wish lists this offseason, the Jets will also be asking for some key re-signings, some offensive line help, and possibly…a new head coach.

If Santa is able to pull of the Christmas miracle, the Jets may soon find themselves on the naughty list of the NFL: dominant, but still hungry. Who would’ve thought that being on the naughty list would be such an honor? The Jets will be waiting Santa…

– Kyle Hirshkind is the Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Jets and covers the New York Jets. Like and follow on


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