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The Eagles come into this game 12-2 and one game away from clinching the #1 seed. After an ugly win against the New York Giants for the defense. This game turned out to be the exeat opposite. The offense could barely get anything going while the defense looked okay. The Raider strongest part of their game is their offense, while their defense is what held them back. Overall the Philadelphia Eagles found a way to win. Winning 19-10 forcing the NFC playoffs to come through Philadelphia.

In Depth

To put it plain and simple, there was good, bad, and ugly. The good was almost solely reserved for the defense, after giving up 29 points to a beat up, struggling Giants offense. They held a Raiders offense featuring Marshawn Lynch, Derek Carr, and Amari Cooper, to just 10 points. Their only touchdown came on a play where Jalen Mills slipped and fell behind Cooper. After that, the Eagles defense stepped up and forced five turnovers.

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This leads to the bad and the ugly part of the game. The offensive play. On all the drives except their one token touchdown drive, they had an extremely hard time moving the ball at all. They were 1-14 on third down which is awful. After going from having the best quarterback on third down leading our team to a great percentage on the down Monday night was a hard thing to stomach. Overall the offense couldn’t get anything going after Nick Foles’ four-touchdown game last week everyone thought that this game was going to be some of the same and the Eagles would just roll over the Raiders. Unfortunately, that was not the case and all fans including myself had a rude awakening. Foles threw for just 163 yards one touchdown and an interception.


Overall the Eagles found a way to win the game and clinch home-field advantage through the NFC playoffs. Next week they play the Dallas Cowboys at home in a game that means nothing for either team. Expect some of the Eagles starters to play some of the game, and some do not play at all. Overall if the Eagles do not play better in the playoffs expect a short run for them as the competition is only going to get tougher.

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