Brace yourselves Jets fans, Christian Hackenberg is coming. Hackenberg has reportedly been splitting first-team reps with Bryce Petty during practice this week. He has yet to play a regular season snap in his two-year NFL career after being drafted in the 2nd round of the 2016 draft. Some look at that selection as one of Mike Maccagnan’s worst moves as the Jets’ GM.

Who is This Guy?

Hackenberg played three seasons at Penn State University. He threw for 8,457 yards and tossed 48 TD’s and 31 INT’s. He had an upsetting 56.1% completion percentage, but an impressive QBR of 121.4. In reality, his only impressive season was his freshman year, where he threw 20 TD’s and 10 INT’s.

Hackenberg has the tools to become a good quarterback. He has a very strong arm, and stands tall at 6’4. He definitely has the athleticism to make it in this league, but there are glaring of issues about his game.

Firstly, he is very, very inaccurate. Completing an awful 56.1% of his passes throughout his college career, and his tape does not make it look any better. Take my word for it, this guy is just as inaccurate as Petty, if not even more inaccurate. It’s bad. Really bad. Only one can wonder how bad Hackenberg really is. The Jets have avoided giving him any play time and much of that is due to the speculation of his unpreparedness.

One thing we do know is that neither Hackenberg or Petty are a part of the Jets’ plans for the future. Most would be thankful for that. Todd Bowles still remains quiet about the situation, however. When asked by reporters if Hack will play in the team’s finale against New England, he replied with a simple “we’ll see.” The mystery of Hackenberg remains unknown. He may never play an NFL snap for all we know. What we do know is… it’s Hackening.

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