The Baltimore Ravens have had an interesting season filled with ups and downs and of course the Ravens downfall every year, injuries! The team saw the likes of Alex Collins rise to the top while stars Jimmy Smith and Marshal Yanda were both lost to season-ending injuries.

Ravens fans ultimately got to see the Pittsburgh Steelers run away with the division with the Ravens taking the backseat to just a possible wild card spot.

The Ravens are coming off a victory against the Indianapolis Colts, while to the contrary fellow possible wild card teams the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans took a loss. This leaves the Ravens currently at the number five seed.

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The Ravens playoff chances are very simple. Win and the Ravens will stay where they are and make the playoffs, While if the team takes the unforeseen loss to division rival Cincinnati Bengals, they would need either the Titans or Bills to lose to get in to the playoffs.

The best part about all of this is that the Raven’s fate is in their hands. Win and they are in. There will be no concern about losses for other possible wild card teams if they can go out there and reign victorious.

As said this task shouldn’t be hard facing the 6-9 Bengals who have nothing to play for except draft positioning and being a playoff spoiler.

No matter the outcome, when the games start at four o’clock Ravens fans will be on the edge of their seats knowing that if the Ravens squeeze their way into the playoffs they have potential to go far.


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