For those of you who were not regular readers of this commentary on the previous platform, it is safe to say that my fiancé and I travel often causing me to write for the Buffalo Bills from islands, Europe, Canada, Mexico… The frequency of traveling could be categorized as superabundance to some.

We just returned this week from a somewhat proximate excursion being a terse 45-minute flight to New York City. For those Buffalonians who choose to fly it as opposed to driving, this is one of those flights where the plane is already descending before the flight attendants are done delivering the beverages. Sometimes the circling of the airport waiting for landing clearance or even taxing on the ground waiting for an unloading bay opening is the equal to the actual flight time.

Latest Bills News

We saw a Broadway show as Andrew Lloyd Weber’s music was added to Jack Black’s classic movie “School of Rock” making for a win-win as far as musicals go. Brilliantly done and very enjoyable.

Of course, we watched the Buffalo Bills beat up on the Miami Dolphins staying alive in the quest to end the great playoff drought. We found a quaint little Irish Pub that shows the Buffalo games every week near our hotel with other Bills fans which was rather enjoyable.

Only to come back and see the New England Patriots once again dominate the Bills at Gillette Stadium. There were questionable calls, but the final score showed who the better team was.

Things we know About the Buffalo Bills This Week:

1.) New England-New England…why?–Ay, caramba! So many other teams have such an easier path to a wild card playoff spot. This playoff drought is becoming exhausting. With the Patriots defeating the Bills last week, all the pressure is on the Bills to win this week.

2.) Dion Dawkins continues to impress as a rookie offensive tackle. Even with the Bills losing last week, Dawkins has continued to show what he is worth, which could be an official starter from here on out after the season. Either Cordy Glenn or Jordan Mills could be watching from the sidelines next season or even be playing somewhere else.

3.) Kyle Williams could possibly be playing his last game as Bill. This is scary news for Bills fans. Last week, Williams got to Tom Brady and sacked him again just like he did back in Week 13. Going up against the Dolphins this week, Williams could very well play his heart out one last time if this indeed the Bills’ last game of the season. Win or lose, Williams has always been the heart and soul of the team.

4.) The Bills biggest advantage is in the run game with LeSean McCoy. The Bills have returned to a power running game recently basically scrapping the zone blocking that was not nearly as effective as the Bills were the previous two seasons when they dominated the run. McCoy had a big game against the Dolphins in Week 15. Who’s to say he can’t have the same performance if not better? The offense will be facing a middle of the pack Dolphins defense so McCoy could have plenty of opportunities.


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