The second matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins has the Bills feeling all sorts of pressure, knowing that they can control part of their own destiny to the postseason. The Bills come in at 8-7 to face to the 6-9 Dolphins in Miami. The last time the Bills played in Miami, running back Jay Ajayi ran all over the Bills defense for 214 rushing yards and one touchdown. Fortunately for the Bills, there is no Ajayi in the Dolphins offense anymore.

The Dolphins are looking to extend the Bills’ playoff drought to 18 years seeing as how there is no chance of them making the playoffs. There will be many different factors to watch for this game as far as the Bills.

Is The Last Game For Tyrod Taylor as a Bill?

Rumors are that this could potentially be Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s last game as a member of the Bills, especially if the Bills don’t make the playoffs. While Taylor is statistically good, he has been inconsistent throughout his time in Buffalo, is always relying on his legs instead of his arms and is in charge of 32nd passing offense in the league.

Taylor does not have many interceptions in his career in Buffalo because he runs more than he throws. There are games where he runs more than he does pass. While it’s nice to have a mobile quarterback, most typical successful teams have a pocket passer, with the exception of Russell Wilson. Sure, Taylor obviously did not have the best weapons on the outside (or the healthiest ones either), but quarterbacks need to be able to work with what they have.

This Sunday is very crucial for Taylor and his future in Buffalo. Who knows what will happen after the Bills last game. All that is known is that Taylor needs to produce at any cost. Luckily, Taylor has played exceptional in almost every one of his games against the Dolphins since arriving to Buffalo.

Which Defense Will Bills Fans See?

The defense will need to be almost perfect in this game. The rushing defense is ranked 30th in the league but they did well in containing the run game last time against the Dolphins. The Dolphins offense comes in ranked at 28th in rushing so this should be an even matchup. Still, there can’t be any costly penalties that can come back to haunt the Bills.

Let’s not forget, the heart and soul of that defense, Kyle Williams, could be playing his last game as a Bill. A man who has given his blood, sweat and tears to the organization may not come back after this season. The defense needs to step up for Williams.

As far as the pass defense, the Bills are in the middle of the pack and are right behind the Dolphins. E.J. Gaines is coming back for this week so the Bills will have their first string secondary ready to go. When Gaines is playing, the Bills pass defense has done well especially players like Jordan Poyer and Tre’Davious White. Micah Hyde will be looking to finish strong as well as he has had a Pro Bowl season.

Time Management From Coaching Staff

The Bills coaching staff will be watched closely to see how they manage their time when they have possession. The Bills have had trouble managing the clock on multiple occasions during games. This is the definite crunch time for the Bills. Any type of mistake that is made due to their time management is going to hurt and bad.

If the Bills don’t come out victorious due to time management, the offseason is going to be very long and the team and fans will be wondering what would have happened if something went a little more different in the game than what had originally happened.

Bill-Eve in the Bengals OR the Jaguars and Raiders.

On a side note, Bills fans need to be rooting for the Bengals to beat the Ravens. While the Bills need to obviously win, they need help as well. The easiest way to make the playoffs? Bills beat the Dolphins and the Bengals pull the upset against the Ravens. It’s hard to see the Ravens falling at home to a team they beat 20-0 in Week 1.

If both the Bills and Ravens win, then it will come down to the Jaguars taking down the Titans and the Raiders beating the Chargers. This is a longer route for the Bills, but it is very possible seeing as how the Jaguars are not expected to rest any starters and the Titans have ruled Demarco Murray out for the game.

The Raiders and Chargers game will be interesting. In their first meeting, the Chargers held on for a one point victory. The Raiders will be looking to upset the Chargers playoff hopes.


Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage. He covers the Buffalo Bills. Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @brandon_ray79 and @FPC_Bills for Buffalo Bills Coverage. 


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