An new Indiana state legislation may cost the Indianapolis Colts’ organization big money. Proposed by Milo Smith of the Indiana House of Representatives, the law would force the Colts to refund tickets during the first quarter if players kneel during the national anthem. If fans feel disrespected, they may have their money back. According to Smith, players who do not stand for the anthem are “not respecting the national anthem or our country.”

This is not the first instance of national anthem controversy surrounding the NFL. It all started with Colin Kaepernick, who received incredible backlash, and incredible support for his actions. This started a trend of players kneeling for the national anthem, not out of disrespect to the country, but out of protest.

President Donald Trump has even taken notice to the issue, and is openly against players kneeling.

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This is also not the first instance of anthem controversy in the Circle City.

On the night honoring Peyton Manning, during the Colts vs 49ers game, Vice President and former Indiana governor Mike Pence attended. As it had become normal, Colts players kneeled for the national anthem. After witnessing this, Mike Pence left the game.

After leaving arguably the most important game of the season, Pence had this to say:

This bill would be perfectly legal, as players would still be able to kneel for the anthem, but the Colts would be required to pay refunds.

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