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This was an extremely uneventful game. We saw the same thing out of Nick Foles as we did a week ago. The game was 0-0 going into the 4th quarter. The only points of the game came early in the fourth quarter on a pass from Prescott to Butler for 19 yards. Dan Baily missed the extra point and missed a chip shot field goal later in the game.

The Good, Bad, Ugly


Let’s start with the good because there wasn’t too much of it. The defense played well today, even though most of the resting starters were on defense but even saying that the starting defensive line which was comprised of all players that are in the starting rotation held Ezekiel Elliott in check. The starting defense as a whole played well while they were in. They shut out the Cowboys, rookie Rasul Douglas had a good outing as he covered Dez Bryant most of the day. Other than that no one really had an outstanding performance, but the defense put together a good team effort.

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Bad just about covers everything else, almost everything. The offense again didn’t click, the first team offense couldn’t sustain a drive. Another part that could classify under bad would be that Nate Sudfeld seemed to look better than Nick Foles. Both quarterbacks went up against the first team defense for the Cowboys. Another part of the offense that would fit into this category would be the run game. The Eagles were held to just 70 yards on the ground, 22 of it came from Sudfeld. Granted the Eagles top rusher as of late Jay Ajayi rested today but they still have other good rushers.


Here we go. This section is pretty much reserved for Nick Foles. He had another bad outing today. Granted he only played a quarter but if he is going to lead this team through the playoffs he needed to show us something today. And it was another game where he disappointed fans. Foles went 4-11 for 39 yards and one interception. The interception was an ugly one. Alshon Jeffery had a few steps on the defender and there was a pretty good window to throw it but Foles underthrew it right to the trailing defender. That’s all we saw of Foles and then Sudfeld came in throwing 19-23 134 yards against the same defense that Foles went up against. There needs to be some major improvements between now and then.

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