NFC Wildcard Games

#6 Atlanta Falcons @ #3 Los Angeles Rams

This one should be a good game. I predict that the Falcons come out on top in this matchup as they have significantly more experience in the playoffs compared to the young Rams team.

#5 Carolina Panthers @ #4 New Orleans Saints

The Panthers are no match for the Saints in my opinion. I predict that the Saints blow out the Panthers this week. The Saints offense is going to be tough to stop with the two-headed attack coming out of the backfield, and of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Drew Brees at quarterback.

Projected Matchup

#6 Atlanta Falcons @ #1 Philadelphia Eagles

In my opinion, this is not the worst matchup that the Eagles could have gotten, but its also not the best. I think that the Panthers are the best matchup for the Eagles and the Saints the worst. This game would be extremely close. I think that the Eagles defense would be able to contain the running game of the Falcons, but the real test would be if the birds secondary could contain the passing attack with Julio Jones and Muhammad Sanu. Jones, one of the top receivers in the league, is a matchup nightmare with his size, strength and catching ability. I think that this game will be close but the Eagles prevail in this matchup. Eagles win 24-21 on a game-winning drive and a Jake Elliot field goal.

Other Possible Matchups

#4 New Orleans Saints @ #1 Philadelphia Eagles

This would be the worst matchup for the Eagles. Unless the Eagles come out of this bye and play like they did in the middle of the season there is a very slim chance they come out on top. The Saints rushing attack with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara will be tough for any team to beat. And when a team has that to utilize on and still has Drew Brees to fall back on… you’re doing something right. Saints take this one 35-17.

#5 Carolina Panthers @ #1 Philadelphia Eagles

This would be the best case scenario for the Eagles in the first round. Cam Newton is the worst and most likely out of any of the three possible quarterbacks to have a bad game. Plus the Eagles played the Panthers earlier in the season and won. The Panthers passing attack really only consists of two players, Devin Funchess and Greg Olson. The Eagles do a nice job at taking away tight ends in the middle of the field and that only leaves Funchess. Jim Schwartz is a great defensive coordinator and I believe that he will be able to scheme up a defense to completely shut down the Carolina offense. Therefore, I think the Eagles take this one 28-17.

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