Equanimeous St. Brown is a junior receiver from Notre Dame that measures in at 6’4″ and 205 pounds. Brown has a huge body and maximizes his length on most of his plays, at times he allows the ball into his body which is a problem. Nevertheless, Brown is a big play waiting to happen and has mismatch potential day one in the NFL.

Brown is designed to destroy zone coverage and eat up space on extended plays. If he gets the ball in space watch out because he forces defenders to take bad angles due to his long stride. Both short and deep crossing routes seem to be Brown’s bread and butter vs zone coverage and often turns them into huge plays.


Brown struggles much more vs press man due to his lack of crisp routes. Brown seems to round off the majority of cuts but with his big body he is able to post up smaller defenders and still get the job done. His best route vs press man is the comeback route which works well because of his big play ability over the top.

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Brown is a capable run blocker but effort gets worse and worse as the game continues. He does not seem to enjoy contact whether he has the ball in his hands or not, which is confusing with his great size advantage vs smaller secondary players. Brown is much more of a get in the way guy when it comes to blocking instead of imposing his will. This will be one of the largest questions during the draft process some teams will eliminate him from their draft boards day one because of his lack of physicality.

Player Comparison: Devante Parker

The physical tools are all there but effort and production make Brown somewhat of a gamble. Brown may have the most to gain or lose during the draft process.

Draft Position- Early to middle of the second round

Brown fits in almost every offensive system due to his size and speed combo but there are too many questions for him to be considered a franchise changing wide receiver.

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