With Free Agency coming up, the question always flies in the air. Who will the Colts resign? Currently, the Colts have 14 Free Agents. Although some are players that are less valuable than others, there are a few big ones that will be very interesting.

One of those Free Agents is Frank Gore. Gore, running back for the Colts, is an old, soon to be hall of fame running back, ranking fifth in all time rushing yards. Although he is a great running back  it is time to move on. Penn State running back Saquon Barkley is a great running back that could highly benefit the offense.

Another Free Agent is Jack Mewhort, guard for the offensive line. With the Colts struggling offensive line, it might seem crazy to get rid of one of our best linemen, but it might be for the best. Mewhort has been struggling with injuries which is affecting the amount of sacks he lets up Although it would be smart to resign Jack Mewhort, it might be better to pick up healthier, younger players.

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Kicker Adam Vinatieri will also be a free agent this year. Vinatieri is the oldest player in the league but is still one of the best kickers in the league. Vinatieri says he still wants to play, but the question is, does he want to play for the Colts?

Cornerback Darius Butler is also a player the Colts could resign. Darius Butler has been with the Colts since 2012. He’s provided some veteran leadership for a inexperienced Colts defense. The best scenario for the Colts would be to bring back Darius Butler on another one-year deal this offseason.

Rashaan Melvin, Cornerback for the Colts would be another great player to bring back. Melvin established himself as a shutdown cornerback this season. Melvin has only played 10 games this season, but he’s been able to break up 13 passes with three interceptions this season.

But, there are some players that we shouldn’t bring back, such as Scott Tolzien. Tolzien, Backup quarterback for the Colts, has only played one game and it was a loss against the Los Angeles Rams. Tolzien finished with two interceptions. Colts should not resign Tolzien and pick up a backup in Free Agency or the Draft.

This will be a interesting free agency for the Colts With over 60 million dollars in free space, GM Chris Ballard has plenty of money to build a better team.

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