The Bears frustrating season has been over for almost two weeks now, it is time to look back on how the most important position on the field fared in Chicago.

Chicago started the season off with their free agent “gem,” Mike Glennon. The experiment did not work out as well as Ryan Pace anticipated. In only four games, Glennon threw five interceptions and lost three fumbles. To go along with that, he averaged just over 200 yards per game while maintaining a mediocre 25.4 quarterback rating.

In the games Glennon started, the Bears were 1-3 with a win against Pittsburgh. Chicago was also competitive against Atlanta in week one but got blown out against Tampa Bay and Green Bay. Overall, Glennon didn’t play well but got the Bears a win and held his ground, somewhat.

Glennon’s Grade: D

The fall of Mike Glennon led to the rise of Mitch Trubisky, the rookie had an average season if his season is compared to other quarterbacks. But when taking the circumstances under consideration, Trubisky had a good season. Mitch had a lack of receivers, a non-offensive minded coach, and just being rookie in general.


Trubisky overcame those issues and led the Bears to a few wins and showed promise for the future. He threw for 2,193 yards and maintained a completion percentage just under 60 percent. But the stats don’t always tell the story, Trubisky looked like a quarterback that an offense can be built around, and at the very least he looked like an actual NFL talent which the Bears lack with Glennon.

Mitch also led the Bears to four wins in twelve games and kept them competitive in every game but two. Trubisky is in the process of turning around the culture of the Bears organization and he started that procedure the second he was named the starter. The future of the Bears is bright with Trubisky at the helm and he got off to a good start this season.

Trubisky’s Grade: B+

The quarterback situation didn’t start out great in 2017, but it evened out throughout the season.

Overall Grade: B-



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