It is the matchup many wanted to see during the regular season: The Vikings and the Eagles, the two classes of the conference for much of 2017. With just a few days remaining until the NFC Championship Game kicks off, we asked FPC Eagles writer Ryan Mace a few questions about top seed Philadelphia.

How much do you trust Nick Foles in this game? Any chance he re-finds his 2013 self?

After the second half of the Falcons game, Foles has gained a lot more trust in my eyes. He was smart with the ball made and some good throws. But of course, there are still some underlying concerns about his overthrows. Overall, I trust him to not hurt the Eagles in this matchup. No, I don’t think we will see the seven touchdown Foles anymore but I think he will be able to manage the game against the tough Vikings defense.

The Eagles have one of the best, if not the best line in football, but the Vikings bring 5 or 6 frequently. How do you expect the Eagles to attack the blitz, in particular blitz up the middle?

The Eagles should go back to the run-pass option as they did against the Falcons. It will slow down the backers as they will have to now read the ball. Jason Kelce is one of, if not the best center in football and should be able to pick up the blitzes.

Do the Vikings stand any chance of getting a running game going between the tackles with Fletcher Cox playing the way he has?

I think there is a chance they could break a few up the middle. But it will be extremely hard to have a sustained running game against the interior of the Eagles defensive line.

Zach Ertz is going to get a lot of one-on-one time with Harrison Smith and Anthony Barr. After a relatively slow game last week, where do you think he fits into the game plan against the Vikings D?

The Viking linebackers are extremely talented. I think they will try to work him into the game plan, but I fear that Ertz will have another tough game this week. I would look for either Brent Celek or Trey Burton to get some receptions while the attention is on Ertz.

Is there any way this game has more than 35 combined points?

I highly doubt the game will go over 35. With both these defenses pitted against each other I think we will see a very low scoring game. I would be surprised if the final is decided by more than one score.

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