Future Cowboys? East/West Shrine Game Prospects


The 2018 East – West Shrine game will take place this Saturday January 20th at 3 p.m. You can find the game on NFL Network. As you watch the game, here are five prospects on the offensive side of the ball that could end up on the Cowboys radar come April.

Bryce Bobo (Colorado – WR)

2017-18 Stats – 693 yards, 5 touchdowns, 11.2 yards per catch

Among the few impressing during the practices so far, Bryce Bobo is a receiver who uses his hands to snatch the football out of the air. Due to a good frame at 6’2, 200 pounds,  an arm length of 33 inches plus, and hand size being 10 ⅛ inches, it helps him win those tight battles with defensive backs.  Bobo generates yards after catch well by shedding tacklers, but also by immediately turning up after the catch. Although he is a smooth runner, Bobo lacks the “top end” speed. Sometimes he can also get caught chopping his feet more, than simply breaking on a route.

Jeff Badet (Oklahoma – WR)

2017-18 Stats – 400 yards, 3 touchdowns, 15.4 yards per catch

Speed, speed, and more speed is what comes with Jeff Badet. Only 5’11, Badet lacks the physical frame of a typical NFL receiver but finds ways to affect the game. Whether it sweeps, crossing routes, or screens, he became a gadget player at OU. The issue is that he can find himself on the bubble of “how does one team utilize his skill set”. Badet has the ability to create separation overtop but finds most of his success underneath.

Kyle Bosch (West Virginia – OG)

A fifth-year senior for the Mountaineers, Kyle Bosch is the epitome of “do not let the size fool ya”. A 6’5, 310-pound lineman, Bosch has success in working to the next level and leading as a pull blocker across the field. Typically quick off the ball, he has initial good hands, that will sometimes fail him over time from placement. Bosch can struggle with the bigger defensive lineman at times, but does not allow his opponents cross his facemask. A better run than pass protector at this point.

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Tony Adams (NC State – OG)

Another guard who will do a team more justice as a blocker in the running game. Adams has hands that once they are locked, they stay locked. At 6’1 and 315 pounds, Adams has a build that helps him have a good starting base. Coming off the ball, he typically will lean over his knees losing his center of gravity. He keeps his feet moving and looks to put a hand on someone somewhere. Often Adams gets pushed back when bull rushed, but is able to regain himself with strength. Adams is also a guard who can work to the second level and has good hips within the line. He turns well on defenders, shielding off the holes behind him.

Justin Jackson (Northwestern RB)

2017-18 Stats: 1311 rushing yards, 11 touchdowns, 4.6 yards per carry

A natural runner with a steady patience, Justin Jackson is very talented. Now ranked first in school history in career rushing yards at 5,139, and with a total of 5,974 yards from scrimmage, he has intangibles that affect every facet of the offense. He has the catching ability to swing out from the backfield beating linebackers to the sideline and holds his own in pass blocking. A very agile back, Jackson cuts well in between the tackles with lateral quickness, and through holes on zone runs. It also helps him avoid consistently taking big hits being only 5’11 and 195 pounds. On the other hand, he does not power through defenders, if at any time, and rarely breaks tackles. Jackson is a vertical runner that is very explosive once he finds an opening, and has good vision.

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