Just a few days following the firing of one year offensive coordinator John Morton, the Jets reportedly have plans on finding his replacement from within their own organization. The former college quarterback, Jeremy Bates, has spent time as a quarterback’s coach on several NFL teams, including the Bears and the Broncos. The 41 year old was also an offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 season.

Following the release of Todd Haley from the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Jets and Browns both appeared to be front runners in reeling the coordinator in, but the window has seemingly closed since then.

What It Could Mean For Gang Green

With the promotion of Bates to OC, there is now talk of how Wyoming prospect Josh Allen could be an optimal target for the team. Bates has also received praise from former NFL quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, a player that worked under Bates when he was with the Seahawks. Calling Bates “aggressive during the week, calm come gameday”, Bates has potential to be a real improvement for the Jets.

Changes were needed for the Jets this offseason in the offense department. This move seems to be the first of many puzzle pieces being placed into position. For now, it is important that these pieces find a way to fit together in order for New York to avoid another 5-11 season.

In just under two months, NFL free agency will begin. March 14th opens the door for the Jets to make some moves to improve the team. They could make some good moves with roughly $80-100 million in cap space (assuming players such as Forte, Skrine, and Ijalana are released), leaving them plenty of room to work with to improve the offense. The front office should do everything they can to ensure that Bates settles into his new job comfortably.

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