New York Jets: It’s Time to Fix the Problem

New York Jets: It's Time to Fix the Problem
New York Jets: It's Time to Fix the Problem

The “development” year for the New York Jets has finally come to a merciful end. With the team finishing 5-11 for the second straight season and, both HC Todd Bowles and GM Mike Maccagnan receiving two-year extensions, the Jets find themselves with more questions than answers in regards to the roster moving into 2018.

The area of concern that is receiving the most attention obviously is at the quarterback position. That being said, the majority of the fan base has already made up its collective minds about who the Jets should pursue to solidify the one position in this beleaguered franchise that has had zero stability since Chad Pennington. Should the Jets fail to properly address this need either in free agency, the draft, or both, it could mean curtains for the current regime’s tenure within the organization. And not to mention the fan outcry and sheer chaos that would follow.

Although, it would be quite entertaining to watch Jets Twitter explode like the Death Star, I think that the Jets are in a prime position to finally get this franchise back on its feet and headed in the right direction. If Maccagnan can do what is necessary to continue the rebuild THE RIGHT WAY and not fall prey to the WIN NOW doctrine that has failed the Jets time and time again, things could be on the rise.

So now, it’s time for me to play GM and give you my opinion on what the ‘Java Man’ should do to fix the problem…

The Jets need to go after Kirk Cousins, HARD but don’t be stupid about it!

You’re probably wondering “huh? What do you mean don’t be stupid?”….Well, this is what I mean: The reports are surfacing that Cousins has an ‘interest’ in going to Cleveland. At first thought, after the laughter wears off, it could be plausible considering that Cleveland has more cap space than the Jets. They would grossly overpay for any player who looks in their direction. This could get really pricey in a hurry. And even though the Jets will have close to 100 million dollars in projected cap space, as great as Cousins would be in green and white, it could lead to the potential of not being able to address other positions of need CORRECTLY.

Other teams like Denver, Arizona and, even Washington will be vying for his services as well, so Mac’s pitch HAS to be spot on or Cousins could be gone before the Jets even get him in the building.

If the Jets can’t get Cousins, re-sign Josh McCown to another 1 year deal.

Before everyone roasts me on social media for this one, hear me out. To quote a good buddy of mine, Tyson Rauch, “Josh McCown is the anti-Ryan Fitzpatrick. He IS what Fitzpatrick was originally signed to accomplish.”

If I’m Mac and Cousins signs elsewhere, McCown has earned the right to finish what he started when he was brought here- to be a mentor and a bridge to the future. Believe it or not, even in a development year, the Jets exceeded the expectations of the pundits who declared they were going to be the WORST team in the league. McCown was part of that maturation process and, like it or not, was a huge influence in the locker room to preach Bowles’ culture change.

When the Jets lost McCown to injury, we saw that NEITHER Bryce Petty NOR Christian Hackenberg is this team’s future at quarterback. Maccagnan needs to OWN that mistake and cut ties with the both of them to reestablish the direction at QB.

These are just a couple of moves I would make in free agency to address the immediate need. Now, let us turn to the draft…

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IF the Jets sign Kirk Cousins, draft Bradley Chubb from NC State.

By hook or by crook, the Jets desperately need that “bitch-kitty pass rusher” that has been missing since John Abraham. It’s a need that can no longer be ignored nor can be addressed in free agency in the usual Maccagnan way- bargain basement shopping. This draft is about continuing the process of #RebuildingTheJets which is now starting to take some sort of shape. This process needs to continue THE RIGHT WAY. This means not with 30 year old re-treads or players on the down-slope of their careers. The Jets are not “the old age retirement home” for the NFL and, it’s time that Mike Maccagnan gets with the program.

IF the Jets don’t sign Kirk Cousins, draft either Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield as your future franchise QB.

This is where I feel things can get interesting. Obviously PROVIDED Mac does his homework and doesn’t find a way to screw this up. Baker Mayfield has the moxie, in my opinion, to be successful in New York. Lamar Jackson is already being compared to DeShaun Watson from last year’s draft (a guy who I was SCREAMING for the Jets to get last year).

Although these are just early assessments, these two QB’s have the potential to breathe life back into the QB position. Drafting one of these two young men will allow the Jets to “transition” to the future much like the Giants did with Eli Manning. Whether or not one or both will still be on the board at 6 remains to be seen but, if I’m Mac, I do what it takes to get one of these two kids regardless of cost.

I look at this draft as Mac being a boxer. If you win this fight, you live to box another day. But, if you lose, your career’s over. Again, if I’m Mac, I leave it all in the ring and do whatever’s necessary to win this fight.

And, there you have it. Seems pretty simple but, I know it’s not especially when it comes to the Jets. The Jets never do anything simple. It’s always complicated and sometimes done in a “panic-like” fashion but, this is the time where Maccagnan has to do what’s necessary to fix this team. Let me make this clear- FIXING THIS TEAM THROUGH FREE AGENCY IS NOT THE ANSWER! To all of you that would like to piss and moan that this team needs to make the playoffs next year, or this plan has failed and both Mac and Bowles need to be fired, I say this to you…..


Just in case everyone forgot, the Jets spent like drunken sailors during Mac’s first year in New York. They went 10-6 and still missed the playoffs with a weak schedule! This team cannot afford to make that same mistake again despite all the money they have in cap space. The Jets have too many needs to address and throwing good money after bad is just not the answer. The Jets need to be smart. Mac needs to be smart. Continue the rebuild the right way and this team can compete for the next 10 years at a high-level. Failure is not an option for Maccagnan or for Bowles at this point! We, as fans know it and they know it too. The time for Band-Aids and quick-fixes is over. It’s time for the Jets to fix the problem!

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