With free agency around the corner it seems the Redskins and Zach Brown, along with his agent are willing to talk about an extension before he hits the open market, if he makes it that far.

As mentioned before in previous articles, if Brown hits the market, his return to Washington will be very slim.

Brown should be the teams number one option to lock up right now, not Kirk Cousins. It has been made clear that there is a mutual respect between Brown and the Redskins, but the main question that looms is, are the Redskins willing to pay top dollar for a guy who lacks coverage in the passing game.

If Washington wants to have success on the defensive side of the ball, they must bring back Brown. According to John Keim of ESPN, Brown’s asking price could be $10 million, or more.

What is next for Brown?

It is easy to see that the Redskins front office wants to bring Brown back, but would they be willing to spend $10 million on him? Don’t think so.

Below is what Gruden had to say about Brown at the Senior Bowl:

 “I think what we thought we were getting we got, and we got a very athletic guy that can run sideline to sideline and make some plays. He got hurt there a little bit at the end of the season unfortunately for him but he had a solid year. He’s a guy that it’s hard to replace his type of speed. We also have other free agent linebackers we’re trying to get in Mason Foster and Will Compton’s a free agent, Vigil came in and stepped in very nicely at middle linebacker, we still have Spaight, so we’ve got a lot of linebackers there but we do like Zach Brown’s speed and athleticism.”

If Brown brings down his expected $10 million asking price that was reported, it would then be hard for the Redskins to say that they would not want to bring him back for 2018 and years to come.

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